Head-to-Head Trivia

Engage your audience with a series of game show-style trivia “bouts” between individuals or groups!

head.to.head.trivia.jpgAs an alternative to our standard team trivia format, TrivWorks can provide your attendees with a series of challenging, laugh-filled onstage trivia contests, held between individuals or teams! Our professional corporate event emcee will invite contestants to the front of the room via volunteer or raffle, where they will engage in a hysterical, high-stakes trivia bout which the entire room will enjoy! Cheered on by their peers, they will tackle themed trivia which has been customized exclusively for your event, for the chance to win hilarious prizes – and become “mini celebrities” for the remainder of the function! Whether you wish to have just a brief crowd engagement, an interstitial activity, or a full-blown trivia station, let us entertain your attendees in a highly entertaining, interactive way!

1-on-1 trivia may be held as a stand-alone activity, or as part of a team trivia event. Available in 5-minute rounds for up to 4 hours