Trivia Experts

Your guests will love an emcee who is a genuine trivia guru, with memorized questions on EVERY subject!

Gene.Jones.Trivia.Emcee.jpgGene Jones

Dubbed “America’s Trivia Guy” by the media, Gene has been wowing corporate audiences nationwide for over three decades with his encyclopedic knowledge of memorized trivia, which he delivers spontaneously! Armed with an affable personality and charming sense of humor, Gene has perfected the art of engaging event attendee with personalized trivia questions. The perfect solution for planners seeking “roving” entertainment or to emcee a full-room team trivia contest, Gene Jones at your event means a one-of-a-kind interactive experience your audience won’t soon forget!

Gene can provide up to an hour of “roving” trivia, or up to two hours of team trivia. He is based in the New York City metropolitan area, and available to emcee TrivWorks events anywhere in the country.

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