Why Professional Emcees?

trivia.emcees.corporate.events.jpegTrivia Emcees for Corporate Events

Your event is important.

VERY important.

It will be attended by colleagues, clients, executives and/or prospects, who are expecting a highly professional entertainment & group bonding experience. As the planner, it’s YOUR reputation which is on the line; there is no room for error here – it HAS to go well.

So why trust your event in the hands of an emcee with limited (if any) corporate trivia experience?

A professional emcee provides the peace of mind that your event will be a success. You need someone with the experience and expertise necessary to skillfully command a crowd, without having worry about anything inappropriate or unprofessional. In short, you want somebody onstage who will make this event reflect well upon your company – and upon you, personally.

That is why TrivWorks ONLY works with seasoned professional corporate emcees to lead our team trivia events. We do not work with bar trivia hosts, amateur comedians or inexperienced actors.

TrivWorks emcees have:

  • Years of experience in front of corporate audiences
  • Professional backgrounds in public speaking, improv and/or coaching
  • Specialized training in live game show hosting

They can be trusted in front of ANY audience to deliver a highly enjoyable, perfectly-executed event, which is not only laugh-filled, but clean and professional from beginning to end.

As the industry leader in corporate trivia events, TrivWorks emcees also have unique specialized expertise running interactive game show events. Whether for intimate groups or massive audiences, small businesses or Fortune 500 companies, TrivWorks emcees have more experience than any other leading trivia events for corporate and private groups. We guarantee that our emcees will deliver the professional experience your attendees are expecting – you will be in extremely good hands with the knowledge that you truly have the best in the business at YOUR event, and be very glad you decided to go with TrivWorks!

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