Networking Events

Break the ice and get your event attendees talking using customized “roving” and/or team trivia! you seeking a unique & effective way to get a group who doesn’t know one another well (or at all) interacting and socializing, in an extremely short amount of time? Our trivia events not only draw a crowd with a fun & compelling activity, but are proven to foster a social environment which facilitates easy introductions, promotes collaboration, and creates a laugh-filled positive shared experience for EVERYBODY in attendance!

We will assist you with your event marketing, providing counsel on messaging and invitations to maximize both attendance and enthusiasm. At the event itself, our staff shall assist with sign-in, while our professional corporate event emcee either provides roving trivia to help warm up the crowd, or facilitates a structured “speed dating-style” networking game, specially designed to introduce individuals or small groups, before the main activity begins.

Once the room has had a chance to mix and mingle, we shall break everybody into teams which will play competitively against one another in a raucous, hilarious trivia contest, using specially-crafted trivia questions tailored to the specific audience in attendance! Event concludes with a free-mixing social period.

Trivia networking events are available nationwide for groups as small as 25, to 1,500+, in programs lasting 30 minutes to 2 hours. May be held with multiple emcees, or in combination with our trivia/karaoke offering or “Special Talent” emcees.