Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate.entertainment.activities.NYC.jpgWhat is TrivWorks?

TrivWorks is the industry-leading vendor for trivia entertainment & team building for corporate & private audiences. Offering a wide range of professional emcees & proven formats, the content is customized to your specific group & goals!

How does it work?

We produce high-energy, laugh-filled social experiences, built around spirited team trivia competitions. Expertly-written custom content & professional corporate emcees guarantee a highly engaging & impactful experience for EVERYONE in attendance!

Do You Offer Remote/DIY Trivia Events?

Yes! Learn more about our virtual trivia events and DIY trivia party offerings!

Who does this work for?

TrivWorks events are proven to create a positive shared experience for ALL industries, as well as for diverse and internationally-mixed groups. Whether your audience is outgoing or introverted, young or old, new to the company or veteran employees, junior or senior level, homogeneous or incredibly diverse, we guarantee an experience where EVERYONE will have a blast! Click here for our full client list.

Is this a traditional corporate game show?

No. Unlike traditional corporate game shows where only a few contestants play while the audience watches, TrivWorks engages EVERYBODY in attendance with a team trivia experience. There will be no bells or buzzers, sets or props; rather, it is your audience itself which will be the center of attention, guided through a party-like atmosphere by a hilarious professional emcee!

Is this bar trivia?

No. TrivWorks hosts are highly trained professional emcees with years of corporate experience. Our events are also customized for your specific group, as well as your specific goals.

Where are you located?

TrivWorks is headquartered in Los Angeles. With emcee talent based in New York City and Southern California, we regularly produce events NATIONWIDE!

Will the questions be customized?

Yes! Utilizing a proven customization process which requires minimal time and effort on your part, TrivWorks shall expertly tailor the content to YOUR audience & goals!

Who will emcee my event?

Your event will be led by a polished & professional corporate event emcee, with years of corporate experience & expertise. You can trust your TrivWorks emcee to deliver a fantastic experience for ANY audience, representing both you and your company well! Click here for more on our emcees.

What size groups does this work for?

The ideal TrivWorks audience is between 30-300 people – however, we have successfully produced events for groups as small as 10, to as large as 1,500+!

What kind of trivia do you ask?

We ask a mix of general knowledge, pop culture, and company/audience-specific questions, all of which has been expertly tailored to your group. The questions will be open-ended, however we may include a select number of multiple choice questions. We can also integrate music and visual questions as well!

Is answer submission digital, or pen & paper?

TrivWorks deliberately uses pen and paper. In a world where we are increasingly dependent upon our digital devices, audiences are relieved to have a chance to interact “old school” with one another – we even require participants to put their phones in the middle of the table before the event starts, so that they are not distracted and can fully engage with their teammates!

How long does a trivia event last?

Our team trivia contests typically run about 90 minutes. In between trivia rounds, we shall keep your audience engaged & entertained with a wide range of interactive interstitial activities, which can include 1-on-1 trivia “bouts,” minute-to-win-it physical challenges, karaoke, improv, magic and more!

Where are these events held?

TrivWorks events can be held in virtually ANY private space: hotel ballroom/conference room, bar, restaurant, even onsite at your office! So long as we have a private space with comfortable seating for your group, we can set up shop almost ANYWHERE!

Will TrivWorks arrange the venue, or do I have to?

The venue shall be arranged separately by you; however, once secured we shall liaise directly with the venue to make all necessary technical/logistical arrangements related to the trivia contest.

Do you have general liability insurance coverage?

Of course! We would be happy to provide your venue with a COI.

What are TrivWorks’ production needs? Will you provide AV?

For smaller events (50 or fewer attendees), we can provide our own portable audio projection equipment. However, for larger events we typically request our clients/venue provide a professional-quality sound system with microphones/musical device input, as well as a screen & projector. A full stage or riser is preferable, but NOT required.

Can this be integrated with a meal?

“Roving” and/or “stationary” trivia may be conducted during cocktail period, as well as during meals – however, for team trivia we recommend waiting until after the meal has ended, or at least until after the entree has been served before starting.

My group is very diverse will this work for them?

Yes! Because of the customization, our trivia events are ideal for integrating diverse groups, be they mixed ages, nationalities, managerial levels or departments, to ensure that EVERYONE is participating and feels the event is relevant and appropriate to them (we’ve even produced events for the United Nations!)

My group is REALLY smart – will the questions be challenging enough?

TrivWorks has unmatched experience producing trivia contests for highly intelligent, high-performing individuals at all levels, from Ivy League summer interns to C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies. We guarantee an experience which is extremely fun, competitive, and appropriately challenging for your group!

Will my group have a chance to socialize/network?

Of course! We recommend a cocktail hour or other socialization period immediately prior to the contest, during which our emcee can provide “roving” and/or “stationary” trivia entertainment. We can also provide built-in socialization opportunities throughout the event in between rounds of team trivia.

How many staff will you bring to my event?

In addition to the emcee, we may send a DJ, a professional event producer and/or a team of production assistants to facilitate event flow and scoring. Depending upon the size and location of your event, you can expect TrivWorks to bring between 1-5 staff.

How can I enhance my trivia event?

TrivWorks has established partnerships with a number of celebrities and “Special Talent” emcees, who can enhance the experience by adding comedy, magic, improv, and more! We also work with an internationally-renowned DJ, to keep the music pumping and the energy high from start to finish!

When is the best time of day to hold a trivia event?

TrivWorks events can be held day or night, rain or shine! However, most of our clients choose to hold their events in the evening, after business hours, in a cocktail hour or after-dinner format.

How much does this cost?

TrivWorks rates are competitive with other interactive corporate event entertainment & team building vendors, and we cater to a wide range of price points. We are fully committed to working within your budget to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for your audience!

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