Combine team trivia with hilarious physical challenges to create the ultimate group bonding experience!

minute.to.win.it.trivia.jpgAre you seeking an experience which melds high-stakes team competition with laugh-filled party games? We can integrate rounds of minute-to-win-it style matches directly into your trivia contest, to bring the energy in the room to a fever pitch – while guaranteeing fantastic memories as well!

In between full-room trivia rounds while score sheets are being tabulated, our processional emcee shall invite individuals to the front of the room to engage in a series of physical bouts, ranging from beloved & nostalgic activities like “Cookie Face” and “Stack ‘Em Up,” to new fads such as “Water Bottle Flipping.” We can utilize the space to facilitate full-on relay races between teams – for those who like it messy, we can even arrange pie eating, bubble bursting, and so many more fun activities we can’t even list them all here! The result will be a laugh-filled shared activity, which melds the best of both team and individual competition to create a lasting positive experience for your entire group!

Minute-to-win-it challenges may be tailored to your specific audience, as well as your event goals.

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