Employee Team Building


A happy workplace means improved productivity, satisfied customers and increased revenue. Now more than ever, what your people need is a solid morale boost to raise their spirits, recognize their efforts, and let them get to know each other in an exciting new way!

Using live trivia as an employee team building activity means providing your staff with an incredibly fun, competitive and challenging event, creating an environment which naturally fosters positive teamwork, collaboration and communication skills. Whether you have 15 employees or 1,500, we will help break down your entire group into perfectly balanced teams which will play in a head-to-head trivia contest, answering detailed questions about a wide variety of entertaining topics, your company, and each other.

Depending on your event goals, we will help assign individuals to teams in advance based on:

  1. Demographics
  2. Department
  3. Length of employment
  4. Management level
  5. Existing work teams
  6. Specialty areas

We will then conduct a comprehensive customization meeting with you, to learn as much as we can about your company and personnel – including facts, history and inside jokes which nobody knows but them. Doing so will allow us to develop a set of fully-customized trivia questions unique to your employees, allowing us to personalize an event in a way that other group bonding activities cannot.

team.building.trivia.hostAfter conducting a brief orientation, we will then read out multiple rounds of trivia questions, announced by one of our experienced corporate event emcees or celebrity “Special Hosts.” Teams will have a moment to collaborate on each question, writing down answers on provided answer sheets.

Once the round is over, answer sheets are turned in for grading, during which time our host may conduct rounds of individual 1-on-1 trivia for special prizes, as well as provide an opportunity for the entire group to socialize with each other.

Once the answer sheets have been graded, we will announce the correct answers, standings, and move on to the next round. After the final round has been completed, the two teams with the most points can be given the opportunity to compete in a high-stakes, head-to-head grand finale in order to determine the winner, and prizes will be awarded!

Our company team building trivia events are guaranteed to be high-energy, exciting and extremely memorable, and are designed to encourage vital workplace skills which will allow your group to work more productively and efficiently together, while discovering how much they have in common!

Call (855) TRIVWORKS (874-8967) to learn how we can create an event for your group!


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