Just Announced! TrivWorks to Donate 50% of Office Holiday Party Professional Fees to Sandy Relief!

It’s been an incredibly challenging few weeks for New York City and the surrounding areas, and companies large and small are grappling with the same question: should we have an office holiday party this year, or donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts instead? Following the incredible response to our recent Hurricane Sandy trivia benefit hosted by Pat Kienan at The Bell House, TrivWorks has decided to help companies provide relief to hurricane victims, while ensuring that their hard-working staff receive the “thank-you” they deserve. As such, we will be donating 50% of our holiday party fees this season to our clients’ Sandy relief charity of choice!

Please view the below video for details:

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This special initiative is being done in the spirit of “Giving Tuesday,” a new concept which you should check out!

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  1. […] trivia nights here in Brooklyn) and book them for your own mini-Sandy benefit, since they’ve pledged to donate 50% of the fees for every holiday party they do to the Sandy relief charity of their […]

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