Case Study: Combining Trivia Competition with Magic to Create Team Building Gold for Booz Allen

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Last week, we were fortunate enough to do two exciting things at once: add renowned management consulting brand Booz Allen Hamilton to TrivWorks’ roster of distinguished clients, and produce a trivia team building activity hosted by award-winning magician and veteran corporate event entertainer, NYC-based Ryan Oakes (whom we announced as a TrivWorks “Special Host” last fall!).

As always, we first conducted a comprehensive customization meeting with our client, in order to tailor the content and format to both the specific audience in attendance, as well as to the event’s goals. With original trivia researched & written, Ryan and I hopped the Acela train to DC, where upon arrival at the event venue we dove right in to an employee team building event which this group had certainly not seen the likes of ever before!

A natural event emcee with over 20 years’ experience in corporate event entertainment in NYC – actually, in 37 states, as well as military bases and The White House – Ryan kicked things off with a spectacular illusion for the entire room, setting the stage right away that this was not like any other teambuilding event they had ever attended. He then dove into 5 rounds of fun & challenging team trivia, creating a high-energy competitive environment with appropriately tailored general & pop culture trivia, as well as trivia related to the client, attendees and key messages from training sessions held earlier in the day.

While scores were being tabulated in between rounds, Ryan treated the audience to a series of magic, mentalism & illusions designed to reinforce collaboration and teamwork, providing a healthy dose of sharp wit and laughter along the way as well. The event ended with a mind-blowing grand finale, solidifying a positive shared experience which this group will certainly remember and talk about for a long time to come!

I have to say, I am so incredibly excited about our new partnership with Ryan. As our client realized firsthand last week, the combination of a competitive, highly-customized group trivia event with world-class magic not only invigorated a group after a long day of meetings, but it helped create a uniquely fun and memorable environment which naturally fostered positive workplace skills. It’s no easy task to walk into a corporate conference room and hold a group’s attention for 2 hours, let along give them a tremendously fun & impactful shared experience – and yet, that’s exactly what Ryan was able to do here.

I am looking forward to working with both Ryan and Booz Allen many more times in 2015, as well as in the years to come!

Learn more about TrivWorks’ unique ideas for employee team building in NYC and beyond.

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