We Specialize in Fully-Customized Live Trivia Events For:

  • New, Loyal & Prospective Client Entertainment
  • Employee Team Building
  • Corporate Retreat & Party Entertainment
  • Summer Associate & Intern Entertainment
  • Brand Awareness, Experiential Marketing & Audience Engagement
  • Fund Raising
  • Birthday, Bachelorette or Other Private Parties

TrivWorks™ guarantees we’ll provide first-class, personalized service for your next event, within your budget. As such, the initial step upon arranging your event with us is to schedule a comprehensive customization and logistics meeting, held at your convenience, in order to discuss every aspect of your event from start to finish.

Among the topics we will cover in detail are:

  • Primary and secondary event goals
  • Corporate / group culture
  • Number / background of participants
  • Specific specialization points
  • Difficulty level
  • Date, time and duration of event
  • Venue location and booking
  • Event budget / range of service options

Next, we will create a unique set of trivia questions for your event based on our customization meeting, which you will have the option of reviewing in advance if you choose. In the days leading up to the event date, we will provide you with a detailed event outline and timeline for your convenience.

After TrivWorks™ arranges the venue of your choice, our events begin by dividing your group into teams. Our quizmaster will read out the first round of questions, upon which team members will consult and write down their answers on a provided sheet. Once the round is completed, teams will hand in their answers, socializing while sheets are scored. Answers and rankings will then be announced, and the following round will begin. The team with the most points at the end of the event wins, and prizes of your choice are awarded!

Standard trivia events typically last 1-2 hours, consisting of 3-6 rounds of 10 questions each. However, event times may be lengthened or shortened based on your needs.

Number of rounds, variety of themes and individual questions are fully customized based on your request. Pens and answer sheets are provided – technical requirements and setup time are minimal.

While there is no minimum or maximum number of event participants, groups are generally divided into teams of 3-8 players for an optimal collaborative experience. We will work closely with you at the planning stage to ensure that teams are appropriately balanced based on your event goals and participants.

Venue recommendations available upon request. From company team building trivia events to prospective client entertainment, TrivWorks™ provides exciting live trivia entertainment you won’t soon forget.

Learn how we can create an event for your group!

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