When it Comes to Holiday Party Entertainment, NYC is Tops

holiday.party.entertainment.nyc.jpgHoliday party entertainment NYC

The annual office holiday party is a staple for many companies – an annual tradition which serves to thank, recognize & reward hard-working staff for a job well-done. For many businesses large and small, the party is typically in the form of a dinner – either at a local restaurant, or brought in to the office itself. However, New York City is no typical place – when it comes to holiday party entertainment, NYC has a myriad of options for companies which truly wish to do something special for their employees!

From the perspective of simply offering staff a great time, NYC Christmas party entertainment options abound. Perhaps your staff would appreciate you taking them off-site to Broadway or other theater, maybe a concert or event the MET to see The Nutcracker? If you’d rather keep it in-house, there’s no shortage of options there, either – New York is home to world-class entertainers ranging from music and dance to magicians and much more. If your budget allows, there are also plenty of local celebrities who make paid appearances at company holiday parties in NYC, ensuring memorable event which staff will be talking about for years to come.

How about end-of-year rewards and recognition? In today’s unstable economic environment, bonuses are still a challenge for many companies. The holiday party offers a unique opportunity to not only recognize individuals, teams and departments for their achievements, but to publicly present fun experience-based awards which can only be done here in New York City. Instead of giving that “Employee of the Year” certificate, why not offer a pair of tickets to see the new exhibit at MoMa? Or a gift certificate to any number of the city’s world-class restaurants? There are a million possibilities for things in the city which your staff may not otherwise have the opportunity to do, if not for the annual holiday party.

We New Yorkers are so fortunate to live and work in a city with so much at our fingertips. When brainstorming this year’s company holiday entertainment ideas, NYC is absolutely the place you want to be.

Happy planning – and good luck!

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