Onsite Entertaining

onsite.office.trivia.party.jpgNeed to entertain  colleagues or clients – but stuck in the office due to budgetary or other reasons?

No problem!

TrivWorks can transform any staid conference or multipurpose room into a raucous trivia party! We’ll bring EVERYTHING needed to entertain your group with engaging trivia action: staff, equipment, materials and energy, providing nonstop interactive entertainment for 30 minutes, to 3 hours!

TrivWorks can arrive to YOUR office with:

  • A professional & hilarious corporate emcee
  • Dedicated production staff, to ensure a seamless event
  • A professional DJ, to keep the room energy pumping
  • Portable audio projection equipment (amp & microphones)
  • Trivia questions customized for YOUR group
  • A custom-built PowerPoint deck to accompany the trivia contest
  • Answer packets, pens, & small prizes

Once onsite, we can deliver any number of fun, laugh-filled entertainment formats:

  • “Roving” and/or “stationary” trivia entertainment
  • Team trivia competition, customized to your specific audience
  • Trivia interspersed with karaoke, minute-to-win-it games and/or 1-on-1 “bouts”
  • Performances by “Special Talent” emcees (illusionist, comedians, trivia expert & more)

Ideal for groups of ALL SIZES, let TrivWorks turn your onsite event into something unforgettable!

With emcee talent based in NYC & Southern California, we are available NATIONWIDE!

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Budget REALLY tight? Check out TrivWorks DIY – our highly-affordable, downloadable, self-hosted office trivia party package!

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