7 Benefits of Holding an Office Entertainment or Team Building Event Onsite

Onsite.corporate.entertainment.NYC.jpgOnsite corporate entertainment NYC

We’ve had a flurry of requests lately for last-minute corporate entertainment in NYC, and with them have come an urgent need for venues. There are undeniably benefits to holding a New York City corporate entertainment activity at an offsite venue: a fun new environment, an opportunity to give everyone the chance to let their hair down and unwind, better food/beverage options, etc. However, there seems to be an aversion among those planning these events to holding them onsite at the office.

My question is: why?

Here are 7 reasons why holding your next team bonding event onsite will not only NOT suck, but will actually provide you with some real, tangible benefits as well:

  • 1.     You’ll Save Money – Clear and simple. By holding your event at the workplace, you will have just saved some enormous overhead in the form of venue rental space & transportation
  • 2.     Your Attendance will be Higher – Even if your offsite venue is down the block, as soon as people are out the door, you’re inevitably going to lose some of them. By holding your event onsite, people don’t have that option, and thus your attrition rate will likely be much lower
  • 3.     Privacy – Will your event involve discussing personal information, trade secrets or proprietary knowledge? If so, perhaps an offsite venue isn’t the place to go with audio projection, loose papers and/or inadvertently loose-lipped colleagues.
  • 4.     You Control the Environment – Even in a private room at an offsite venue, you will inevitably run into issues of it being too hot or cold, A/V equipment not functioning properly, not being able to find “the guy” who can help with these things etc. Hold the event in your office, and you’re on your home turf
  • 5.     It’ll Save Time – You don’t have to wait for everybody to get to the venue – because you ARE the venue
  • 6.     Fewer Distractions – You won’t have to worry about too much noise coming from the next room, strangers wandering in, or anything else that can potentially detract from your event
  • 7.     It Can Be More Casual – There’s a certain level of decorum which is expected at even the most relaxed of offsite corporate events – however, if instead of a sit-down dinner you’ve got pizza and a cooler of beer, people will naturally be more relaxed, to better enjoy & remember the experience

If going offsite for your team activity is proving difficult, don’t dismiss holding the event in the office outright. You may find that it was the best decision you could’ve made!

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