Is TrivWorks Right for YOUR Corporate Event? Let’s Find Out! wrote a blog post earlier this month about people who’ve been inquiring about my company trivia hosting services recently, and how I’ve sensed a growing trend towards what I’d call “extreme rudeness” in the marketplace. While I do think many people today have an easier time “ghosting” corporate entertainment vendors and other professional service providers than in years past, I also think that perhaps some of the inquiring parties I’ve encountered of late haven’t been the right fit for what I do.

As I’ve blogged about previously, TrivWorks isn’t for everybody. Sure, we’ve got this fancy schmancy Website, and with 15 years of experience as the industry leader in corporate trivia, our reputation is tough to beat. However, not everyone who makes it to the online contact form really understands what it is we do, the value we bring, and how we differ from the competition.

Below are a few questions to help determine whether we’re the right vendor for YOUR upcoming function:

Are You Looking to Spend as Little As Possible?

If you’re like most of my clients, you are representing a company in some way: an event planner, human resources professional, leader of a team, perhaps even the owner of the business. You’ve most likely got a budget in mind for your soirée, which in addition to the entertainment may also have to include things like venue, food/beverage, transportation, etc.

If you’ve made it all the way to my Website, then you’re probably looking for something fun, engaging and high-quality. However, as a responsible representative of your workplace, you’re also mindful of how much of the company’s money you’re spending on this.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Here at TrivWorks, my events are led by professional emcees with years and years of corporate trivia hosting experience. The content and visuals are always customized for every group. I offer a turnkey experience, meaning we’ll provide everything else necessary to run the event completely on our own so that you don’t have to worry about anything: branded answer packets, custom PowerPoint decks, pens, prizes/other materials, audio projection equipment for smaller in-person events, and secure Zoom hosting for virtual trivia events.

The end result is an extremely polished, high-quality and personalized experience. However, all of the aforementioned comes with an associated cost. Which brings me back to my original question: are you looking to spend the absolute minimum on your entertainment vendor? If so, I’m afraid I may not be the right choice for you.

Are You Seeking Someone Local?

When I got married in Brooklyn back in 2011, our photographer wasn’t local; she lived several hours away in upstate New York. The rabbi who officiated our ceremony lived in Florida. I had to pay not only for their professional services, but their hotel & travel expenses as well.

Could I have found a local rabbi in Brooklyn? Umm…yes. Were there photographers who lived in the city I could have called? You bet. But the fact was, I wanted THAT rabbi (an old family friend), and THAT photographer. Both were willing to travel, and even though it meant a greater expense, having both there was a much more meaningful experience for me than just opening up Yelp and picking the cheapest service providers I could find with the best ratings.

TrivWorks professional trivia hosts are based in New York City and Southern California (Los Angeles and Orange County). However, we regularly travel nationwide to deliver our services (I was just in Nashville earlier this month, for example, and next week I fly out to Detroit). My question to you is, are you OK bringing in a FANTASTIC host from out of town to lead your event?

Or, does the thought of doing so sound completely absurd?

I have no doubt a quick Google search for your area will turn up plenty of local bar quiz night hosts, who despite probably having limited to no corporate experience will jump at the chance to lead your event, for a fraction of what I charge. Of course, don’t expect much in return for your limited spend.

How Important is Your Event?

Is whatever you’re planning…major? Will it be attended by senior executives and/or top clients? Is this the once-a-year kickoff or “all-hands” program where the entire team, sales force or company as a whole is together in one room? If so, then I imagine you want it to go well – to have the peace of mind you’re bringing in a top vendor, the best of the best, and know that it will go perfectly from start to finish.

If this is the case, then TrivWorks IS for you!

Is your event…not so important? Is it really just an informal team gathering, a quick and dirty get-together after hours? Or perhaps a casual Zoom trivia for remote employees?

Guess what? TrivWorks is STILL for you!

Since I first started this company back in 2009, I’ve personally hosted (and now mostly executive produce) casual/informal event entertainment for groups of all types and sizes. Granted, my expenses are still the same whether hosting trivia for an executive retreat or a happy hour, so the pricing isn’t going to fluctuate much – however, so long as you’re still looking for a great, high-quality afternoon or evening, I can deliver for you!

Bottom Line

I want you and your attendees to have a great experience. If you sign on with me, I want you to feel like you gotten value for your spend, that you’re in trustworthy hands, and that you made the right decision. However, I also understand that I can’t be all things to all people, and that in your case, TrivWorks may NOT be the best choice. Maybe your budget is limited; maybe flying someone in from out of town seems like overkill; maybe the final decision maker just doesn’t like trivia.

Whatever the reason, I know that if it doesn’t work out with us this time, that someday down the line, if and when you DO decide to give us a try, you will be VERY glad you did!

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