Team Building Southern California

Team.Building.Southern.California.jpgTeam Building Southern California

As of the summer of 2016, TrivWorks is thrilled to offer our uniquely raucous, laugh-filled trivia team building activities for corporate groups in SoCal, the entire Pacific Coast, and surrounding states! Click here to read the full press release announcing our new Long Beach, CA office.

Keeping your staff happy and motivated in today’s competitive marketplace is essential to retaining top talent, increasing productivity, and maximizing revenue. Employees at all levels need a solid morale boost to keep their spirits high, and your customers loyal!

Using our proven live trivia events for employee group bonding provides your staff with an immensely enjoyable, competitive activity. Both challenging and social, we can create an environment for your staff which naturally fosters positive workplace skills including teamwork, communication, collaboration, building trust, conflict resolution and more! Ideal for small groups or large, we will cultivate a high-energy atmosphere which is filled with laughs from start to finish, centered around a festive team trivia contest which has been tailored to your specific group, as well as your precise team goals and objectives!

Your event begins with a brief yet comprehensive event customization meeting, where we learn as much as possible about not only your attendees, but your company and culture as well – past shared experiences, inside jokes, and anything else to provide us with a “feel” for what working with your group is like. We will then use this information to research and write original customized trivia material unique to your attendees and goals, allowing us to finely tailor the overall experience to a degree which other team bonding activities cannot!

Next, we will help break your larger group into teams in advance of the event, to allow them to get the most out of this special opportunity to get to know one another better. We will provide counsel on not only the number of teams and how many people per team, but who to put on which team and why, to ensure that we achieve a perfect balance throughout the room.

The activity begins with a social opportunity, followed by a brief orientation to set the tone right away that this will not be another stale, cheesy staff bonding exercise – but rather, an absolute blast right from the start! Teams will be instructed to come up with funny team names, are encouraged to submit humorous wrong answers, and are even allowed to gently heckle one another in the name cultivating a hilarious, good-natured activity.

Our highly experienced event emcee or special-talent host will then announce multiple rounds of full-room trivia questions, giving teams a brief moment in between each question to collaborate on answers. In between each round while our dedicated grading staff tabulates scores, we will invite two of your colleagues to the front of the room to participate in a head-to-head trivia bout, for the chance to win fantastic prizes – and generate even more laughs!

Once we are ready to proceed, we shall announce the correct answers to the previous round, read out the full standings, and kick off the next round. The event culminates with either a round of more challenging trivia questions worth double points, or a high-stakes “showdown” grand finale between the top two teams to determine who will be named your group’s ultimate trivia champions!

Since 2009, TrivWorks corporate trivia events have been among the most sought-after employee team building ideas on the East Coast, and are now available for diverse hard-working staff all along the West Coast as well! No matter what your industry or who is in attendance, our events are proven to be uniquely energetic, competitive, and full of laughs from beginning to end, guaranteed to produce a positive shared experience which will have a lasting constructive impact you will see immediately back at the office!

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