What Does the Perfect Trivia Team Building Event Look Like?

Ah, perfection- that most elusive of goals. For those of us who work in the live event industry, we know how hard – actually, impossible – it is to run a “perfect” event, what with so many plates spinning and balls in the air at once. With team building and corporate entertainment activities, the usual event fare of planning, logistics, crisis management and all the rest are compounded by the need to develop creative content which people will respond favorably to- so much so that it leaves a strong, indelible impact. Of course, without knowing who will be there and how they will respond, creating experiences which leave a lasting positive impression is virtually impossible to predict or prepare for. How, then, can “perfection” be achieved, when so much is left to chance?

I can’t answer that. I can, however, conjure up in my mind what that ideal event of mine would ultimately look like, if all of the stars aligned and things fell perfectly into place. Below is a snapshot of the “perfect” live corporate trivia party:

Everyone Arrives Happy – Employees and managers alike arrive with smiles on their faces, armed with awesome attitudes, clever team names and witty jabs to lob at other teams in the spirit of good, clean fun and competition.

The Questions Are Spot On – Everyone loves all of the trivia questions, which fit the group like a glove in terms of categories, variety difficulty level and humor.

The Competition is Fierce, Yet Friendly – Teams are playing to win, but are not cutthroat. If the better team wins the round, other teams show support (maybe with a biting comment or too, also in good fun).

The Timing is Perfect – Neither too long nor too short, the event naturally builds in both excitement and competitive energy, each answer feeding off of the next with the event ending with a perfectly-executed crescendo.

People Have Fun the Entire Time – The group enthusiastically finds humor in everything, from the trivia questions to the team names and the wrong answers, to the silly “graffiti” they draw on their answer sheets. From start to finish, everyone is laughing their heads off, enjoying each other’s company, and basically having an incredible time.

Surprises Abound – The boss erupts in song, the quiet guy dances on the bar, the intern nails everything in the “1970s Movies” round. People erupt from their shells and let loose in a way they never, ever have before at the office, and it is enthusiastically well-received by all.

As a live trivia company in New York City, it’s easy to find people who love competition, challenging mental exercise and good times. However, I strive to make each and every event look as close to the “perfect” event above as possible, as I know this will produce a team building activity which is truly effective and memorable.

Are you a trivia event enthusiast, event professional or group dynamics expert? What other elements might you suggest incorporating here, to create the “perfect” event using trivia for team building?

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