Press Release – TrivWorks Offers The Premier Holiday Party Entertainment in NYC


December 10, 2011

New York, New York- With the economy still at a low and the holidays upon us, New Yorkers are finding it difficult to locate quality entertainment at an affordable price. Fortunately, the event planning services provided by TrivWorks have emerged victorious.

Founded in 2009 by David Jacobson, TrivWorks is quickly becoming one of the most sought after event hosts in New York. Offering a unique and exciting alternative to the average holiday party entertainment in NYC, some of the industry’s most reputable companies are turning to Jacobson and TrivWorks to help organize events worth remembering.

Located in Manhattan, TrivWorks has created unique and exciting trivia based events throughout the area. Taking information from their private consultations, they’ve found ways to create a completely customizable experience for each and every client. Tying this in with an exciting atmosphere and experienced hosts who are dedicated to making each event entertaining and fun and they’ve found a recipe for success.

Taking advantage of the amazing one-of-a-kind experiences TrivWorks delivers is something more and more New York based companies are doing. Because of the exclusive and exciting experience they receive, clients are finding the event they’ve been looking for is much more accessible than they may have thought. When asked about his experience with TrivWorks, Paul Cothran, the Executive Director and Vice President of VH1 Save the Music Foundation spoke freely of his satisfaction with the results.

“We hired TrivWorks to host an advising group trivia night and everyone really enjoyed it! TrivWorks helped up customize the event and was very responsive and helpful during the planning phase. It’s always fun to see your colleagues’ hidden talents come out, and we thought this was a great way to build relationships and friendships within the firm. The host was charismatic and engaging, and he really gave some thought to what kinds of questions would suit us. The event was very successful and reasonably-priced. We would highly recommend hiring TrivWorks for your corporate or private event.”

Hiring TrivWorks for your holiday party entertainment in NYC is not only exciting, it’s affordable. In today’s economic climate, many companies are finding low cost to be a necessity. Locating quality and experienced event planning services in the city hasn’t always proved easy. This is just another reason that TrivWorks is becoming such a huge success story. David Jacobson’s passion for offering fun, exciting and unique events in the area at an affordable price isn’t common but it’s proving to pay off beautifully.

\The events TrivWorks offers have proven to foster audience engagement, support team building and add loyalty to teams and clients who participate. TrivWorks works with their clients to ensure a safe and local event that will keep your guests feeling secure and able to fully enjoy the experience. All of these reasons are shaping up to be a winning combination for the TrivWorks team.

About TrivWorks™

TrivWorks™ is a professional, Manhattan-based trivia events company providing the very best in live customized trivia entertainment, brand awareness events, and corporate team building in NYC. They’ve hosted successful events for corporate, non-profit and private groups from 30 to 300. For more information about their services, contact TrivWorks directly or attend one of their free public events.

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