7 Advantages of Trivia Events for Team Building

Corporations often struggle to provide employee team building events.  If your organization is like many, you find it challenging to find team building opportunities that make a positive impact on your organization within the confines of your budget.

Trivia events are the perfect team building option for your organization.  Simple to plan and easy to host, TrivWorks offers team building events that have the following advantages over traditional team building.

  • Inclusive:  Unlike team building events that require your employees to master a physical challenge, trivia events allow your entire team to participate regardless of their physical limitations.  Everyone can take part.  Everyone can benefit.
  • Engaging:  Trivia events require active participation.  Every member of your team will eagerly answer questions and collaborate with the group.  The game atmosphere makes participation fun and exciting rather than a routine requirement.  We use team rounds, one on one question rounds, and high impact endgames to keep the entire group on their toes.  There’s always something going on during the event keeping excitement and participation at its highest level.
  • Competitive:  Friendly team competition is a proven way to unite employees around a common goal.  We work with you to balance the teams properly, uniting groups across functional lines or managerial status to keep things lively and meet your event goals.  We will even award prizes you select.  Bragging rights, of course, just come with the experience.
  • Accessible:  Weather conditions and location are simply not a concern.  You can hold a TrivWorks team building trivia event in any location all year long.  Not only does this make your event simple to plan and host, it contains your costs.   Extensive employee travel is not required.  Simply choose a venue close to your business and we’ll do the rest.
  • Impactful:  We create trivia questions specifically for your event.  This customization allows your event to focus on topics you select for maximum impact.  You can weave brand recognition, employee development, or company culture related topics into the mix highlighting areas you want to emphasize with your team.  Your input during our comprehensive customization and logistics meeting helps us highlight topics you select and convey your message in a fun way to your team.
  • Motivational:  We guarantee your employees will enjoy themselves.  Our events are high energy, exciting and extremely memorable.  By designing our events to encourage vital workplace skills we motivate your team to work more effectively and productively together.  The lessons they learn about themselves and each other will transform your workplace culture into a positive and productive environment for everyone.
  • Cost Effective:  Our professionally produced trivia provides you with a range of options designed to meet your budgetary requirements.  We will work with you to secure a venue appropriate to your group yet close to your location, minimizing travel expenses and lost time before and after the event.  Hosting the event is simple, requiring minimal coordination from within your organization.  We take care of the details for you, providing maximum impact for your investment.

Contact TrivWorks at (855) 874-8967 and start planning your team building trivia event now.  We will schedule a comprehensive customization and logistics meeting at your convenience and design an event for your team.

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