Do You Really Know Your Employees?

Do you understand your employees?  Do you know what motivates them, what they enjoy, and the talents and creativity they bring to your workplace?  If you organize workers and assign tasks for maximum efficiency but don’t take interest in your employees as individuals, you are missing out.

The workplace is changing, and the role of managers and supervisors is changing as well.  The modern workplace is not as task based as it used to be.  In this new economy, value comes increasingly from the knowledge and creativity of your team.  As a leader, it’s your job to nurture skills, develop talent, and inspire results in your team.

Really getting to know your team involves spending time with them in an environment that encourages conversation and sharing.  Laughter and fun in a relaxed, casual environment gives you the opportunity to learn what really motivates your employees.  Ask questions and really listen to the answers.  You’ll quickly discover what your team is passionate about, what sparks their creativity, and who they are as people.

Understanding and respecting your team as individuals is vital to developing their talents and abilities.  Trivia based team building and social events are a great way to get to know your team on a personal level.  The chain of command disappears as you play the game.  Social breaks between rounds encourage conversation and laughter.  Our events build friendships and enhance working relationships.

Contact TrivWorks at (855) 874-8967 for a comprehensive consultation. Let our trivia events provide a casual, relaxed atmosphere of fun for you and your team.

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