Team Building and Project Management

Project management requires more than organization and drive.  Project managers must inspire a team of people with a variety of skills and build a strong and productive team out of individuals who don’t share a single supervisor. Project management is essentially people management.  Project managers are on the front lines of team building.

When you manage a project team, your first priority is making sure everyone understands what needs to be done and the timeline and limitations of the project.  You must communicate effectively and motivate them to take ownership of the project.  This communication is not enough, however, to spark collaboration and creativity.  You need to create a strong, functional team if you want a successful project outcome.

When you plan your next project, include a series of regular team building events in your project schedule.  Your team needs time to get to know one another and build a level of trust in each other’s abilities.  Rather than working independently, the team needs to want to work together.  Give them this team spirit by allowing them time to socialize and build friendships.

Fun sparks creativity.  Every project needs creative energy for success.  You can encourage creativity by adding fun, casual events to your project schedule.  Allow everyone to joke, smile and laugh.  You will be surprised at the new ideas and solutions laughter generates.

TrivWorks creates trivia events designed to perfectly balance social time with laughter and team building.  We work with you to identify your goals and plan your event around those goals.  Contact TrivWorks at (855) 874-8967 for a comprehensive consultation. Let us help you add team building to your next project.

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