Critical Thought and Creative Problem Solving

Critical thought is an important part of problem solving in today’s business environment.  Your team must be able to weigh the evidence they collect and observe about business situations and use that evidence to determine the best course of action.  How can you encourage critical thought on your team?  Team building events that challenge the team to think creatively are an effective method.

Typically teams have a few members who carry the problem solving burden.  Others simply aren’t as comfortable finding solutions or voicing their opinions when faced with a challenge.  Team building events designed around problem solving can help bridge this gap.  In a fun, non-threatening atmosphere everyone can participate regardless of their comfort level.

TrivWorks designs team building events around trivia for just this purpose.  The premise is fun and non-threatening.  The problems presented are silly, entertaining and engaging.  The entire team wants to participate and be a part of the action.  By changing the environment and lowering the stakes, you allow team members to build their problem solving skills in a fun way.

The team at TrivWorks designs events around the needs of your group.  During our comprehensive consultation and planning meeting, we discuss the team with you and gain an understanding of the goals and objectives for the session.  Is there a topic or type of challenge common in your work environment?  We can create a fun event to build skills around that challenge.

Contact TrivWorks today to schedule a consultation.  Take your team’s critical thought to the next level and build the type of strong problem solving skills that increase productivity and flexibility in your team.

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