How do You Select a Trivia Company for a Corporate Entertainment or Team Building Event?

As reported in The Wall Street Journal this week, the popularity of trivia events in NYC and nationwide has surged – and right along with it, so have the number of companies offering trivia services. Some companies target bars and restaurants as a means of providing “turnkey” trivia nights, offering up a host, questions, materials and promotion; others such as TrivWorks primarily service other companies by offering customized corporate entertainment and trivia team building.

With so many options now on the table, how do you know which trivia company you should use once you’ve decided to throw a trivia event for your hardworking staff, loyal clients or brand enthusiasts?

Here are some important criteria to consider before making your decision:

  • Host – Who will be hosting the event? Will it be somebody with a lot of experience doing this, or will it be a “hired gun” such as an actor? Has the host done a lot of corporate events? Is he/she professional and polished? Will I feel comfortable having this person emcee my event?
  • Expertise – Hosting trivia at the local pub doesn’t qualify someone as an expert in corporate team building. What are this company’s credentials as far as professional event planning, team building and client service? Is trivia their core competency, or one of several activities they offer? Can they soundly back up their claims of expertise, or are they just blowing hot air?
  • Credibility – Truth be told, the bar for establishing a “trivia company” isn’t all that high. However, does this company have the credibility you need to put your trust and the trust of your firm in them? Do they have a roster of established reputable clients? How about positive testimonials, or favorable media mentions? Do they seem professional, honest & responsive?
  • Experience – Has this trivia company been around for a long time, or are they relatively new? How many corporate events have they produced, and how often – events specifically for other companies such as yours, versus bar trivia nights? Is this a full-time operation, or somebody’s part-time side gig?
  • Price – There are certain events which are worth skimping on, and others which are not. How important is this event to you? As with anything else, you get what you pay for; based on their professional fee, do you feel confident placing the reputation of your firm, brand, boss and yourself in this company’s hands?
  • Style – Will this company’s trivia event style mesh with our culture? Do we want something incredibly laid-back & booze oriented, more formal, or do we want a “game show” feel with bells and buzzers?

Regardless of which trivia company you are considering, however, do your homework. There’s only so much you can learn from a company directly – in order to get the real deal, you’ll need to do research for yourself. Dig around online, ask for references, or stop by one of their public events (if offered) in advance. You’ll be glad you put in the time before your event!

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