Reward Your Team with Trivia

Team building events don’t have to be boring.  They don’t even require a specific productivity, communication or team development goal.  Sometimes the most productive team building events are simple rewards for a job well done.

Your team works hard.  They are willing to put in the extra hours when deadlines get tight.  They excel at solving problems and pushing through difficult challenges.  Don’t you wish, as a manager, you could express your gratitude and help everyone celebrate a victory?  What better way to celebrate than attending a trivia event together?

TrivWorks designs customized trivia events for team building, corporate gatherings, and experiential marketing.  We also host public trivia events at exciting venues around the city.  These public events are fun and engaging, giving everyone a chance to laugh and share a fun night out together.  Attending an event like this is an excellent way to reward your team and celebrate a victory or professional milestone.

Of course, we would enjoy creating a specialized trivia event just for your group.  Far from the typical company party or celebration, trivia events are lively and entertaining for everyone in the group.  We offer friendly competition, ample social time, and a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can get to know one another outside the office.

Contact TrivWorks today for more information about ways you can use trivia to reward your group.  We will plan an event for your group or recommend a public venue that will fit your style and team composition.

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