How to Prepare for Gothamist Trivia Night – 10/2 at The Bell House

gothamist.trivia.nightGothamist Trivia Night

As announced earlier this month, Gothamist – NYC’s most popular blog for local news and culture – will be offering their first-ever trivia night on Wednesday, October 2nd at The Bell House, which TrivWorks has the honor and privilege of co-producing!

For those who are not familiar with TrivWorks’ long-running Bell House trivia night series – which we are proud to say are the largest trivia nights in all of New York City – the evening will be a fun and festive celebration of all things New York, particularly those things which only “real” inhabitants of the Big Apple know. How, then, can attendees best prepare for an ultimate insider’s test of New York City?

Here are several recommendations:

  1. Read Gothamist – This should be a given, however if you are not already, we strongly recommend you become familiar with the site, and get caught up on the great NYC stories reported on there. You can also subscribe for Gothamist’s FREE daily newsletter by clicking here.
  1. Brush Up on Your NYC History – To love New York City is to love its rich & diverse history across all 5 boroughs. You can be certain we’ll be asking about Gotham History – not TOO obscure, but stuff which the average NYC dweller and Gothamist reader would have a reasonable expectation of knowing.
  1. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings – As a “real” New Yorker, you are privy to sights, sounds, tastes etc. which are only available here. Over the next month between now and the event, pay extra-special attention to those things which make living in NYC wonderful – and horrible! Both will likely be asked at the event.
  1. Revisit NYC-Centric Movies, TV Shows & Music – NYC is ubiquitous across all forms of pop culture, and you can be sure we’ll be asking plenty of questions about the greatest movies, shows and recorded music about our city.
  1. Get Caught Up on Celebrity Scandal – Much of what happens in celebrity news happens right here in NYC, so make sure you know all there is to know about NYC celeb gossip, hijinx etc.

We’ll of course be sharing much more about this event in the weeks to come, and Gothamist will be offering a whole bunch of fun online trivia challenges as well via their various social media platforms. For now, hunker down with your team and study – for out of all in attendance, only ONE team shall be declared the champions of Gothamist’s ultimate NYC Trivia Night!

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