5 Trivia Questions About Our Favorite Pat on St. Patrick’s Day

trivia.about.pat.kiernan.jpgTrivia about Pat Kiernan

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and everyone is celebrating their Irish heritage, real or imagined. While I myself am a bit of a St. Patrick’s Day Grinch, the holiday is one of the most beloved and visible here in New York City – so, I thought I’d use the opportunity to celebrate one of NYC’s other beloved Patricks: Pat Kiernan!

If you live in New York, odds are that either you or someone you know can’t start your day without a smart & sharp-witted wake-up by Pat – who, in addition to being NY1’s longtime morning news anchor and WABC radio’s newest program host, is also the host of the most popular trivia night series in New York City, and hosts trivia events for corporate entertainment and team building activities in NYC and beyond.

Yes, it’s true he’s Canadian and not Irish – but let’s see how well you know Pat:

1.            How many years has Pat been NY1 morning news anchor?

2.            Which nationally-televised game show did Pat host for 2 seasons on VH1?

3.            In 2012, Pat moved from the Upper West Side to which outer-borough neighborhood?

4.            Also in 2012, Pat guest-hosted 3 episodes of which nationally-broadcast talk show?

5.            Though not available for sale in the U.S., what is Pat’s longtime favorite breakfast cereal?

Leave your answers in the “Leave a Reply” box below, or tweet them to @TrivWorks & @PatKiernan – we’ll give a special shout-out to anybody who gets all 5 correct!

(Here are some more traditional St. Patrick’s Day-themed trivia questions).


  1. Jillian Sofie on August 1, 2014 at 9:54 am

    Pat Kiernan Rocks!

    • david on August 5, 2014 at 11:49 pm

      He sure does…!

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