7 Ways to Make Your Office Holiday Party Green

green.holiday.party.tips.jpgGreen holiday party tips

Office holiday party season is approaching, and for 2014, the trend once again is clear: companies want to integrate an element of social good into the festivities. One such way to do so is with a commitment to making your party green, leaving a minimal environmental footprint while also broadcasting your core values to staff at all levels.

Here are 7 easy ways to make your office holiday party green:

1.   Hold it Onsite or Within Walking Distance – Keeping the event close by means less fossil fuels will be burned

2.   Arrange Transportation – If the above isn’t an option, rent a bus; it’ll have less of an environmental impact than having 50 cars driving separately to the same place

3.   Hold it Earlier in the Season – The earlier you hold your party, the less likely it is to be freezing cold, which means less reliance on heating. Depending on your geographic location, an event held in late November or early December might even allow you to hold your party outside

4.   Recycle Everything Afterwards – Take the time to properly separate and recycle your used bottles, cans, paper handouts etc. (as producers of trivia holiday parties in NYC, we use a LOT of paper for answer sheets – these all get recycled afterwards)

5.   Compost Leftover Food – Don’t just throw everything out – here in Brooklyn where I live & work, the sanitation department has passed out compost bins for organic waste. If where your party is hosted offers the same, take advantage of it

6.   Use Candlelight – In addition to setting a festive mood, it reduces the amount of electricity used

7.   Use Locally-Sourced Food & Beverage – Support local suppliers, and you’ll reduce the energy spent to feed & imbibe your party-goers

Want a few more ideas for making your event green? Check out https://trivworks.com/2014/04/green-event-tips/

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