SciFri Trivia Night: Event Recap & Full Scores/Standings trivia night NYC recap

What a night!

On Wednesday, May 13th, TrivWorks had the honor of co-producing Science Friday’s first-ever trivia night. Over 200 hardcore science lovers jammed The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn for an evening of laughs, drinks, socializing, and of course multiple rounds of fun & challenging trivia crafted just for them!

Designed as a fully-immersive brand engagement experience using live trivia, upon arrival our attendees were greeted by the friendly SciFri team in their branded T-shirts, who then helped pass out answer packets, pens, raffle tickets and a variety of free “chum” graciously donated by partner organizations. With theme-appropriate music pumping through the speakers (She Blinded Me With Science, Starman etc.) people were encouraged to grab drinks from the bar – including the specially-formulated cocktail of the evening, the “Microbiome.”

Once packed to capacity – including “professional” teams made up of staff from other prestigious science outlets/organizations including Popular Science, Scientific American, Science, Business Insider and the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) – Science Friday staff member & professional comedian Jen Connor warmed up the crowd, before inviting host Ira Flatow to the stage to a rock star’s welcome:

After some brief banter, including highlighting the good-natured Twitter taunts which appeared online in the hours before the event, Ira & Jen dove right in to four full-room rounds of trivia, with themes including the locally-friendly “Science Around New York City,” “Pure Science, No Humanities,” an audio round of popular science/science fiction TV & movie theme songs, and a challenging “Science Fiction vs Science Fact” round.

In between rounds while over 50 teams’ score sheets were graded, Ira and Jen had some fun with the crowd, including inviting a lucky audience member onstage to be “interviewed” by Ira, raffles, a real-time Twitter trivia challenge, and a contest to determine the best team name – all the while handing out great theme-appropriate prizes graciously donated by SquareSpace and Lumosity. The event concluded with a tiebreaker question, with the top two teams being invited onstage for a high-stakes “grand finale” to determine the overall winner. For our “professional” teams in attendance, the “losing” team took home a stack of Business Insider stickers – however, the “winning” professional team got something even grander: an autographed & framed photo of Ira Flatow!

On behalf of TrivWorks, I would like to thank the incredibly dedicated and creative team behind Science Friday for making this special event a reality, as well as host Ira Flatow, co-host Jen Connor, our venue The Bell House, our incredibly generous and fun-loving prize partners/”professional” organizations who helped hype the event – and of course, all of the raucous science lovers who made for an extremely high-energy & memorable event!

We hope to do this again sometime! Here’s the final scores/standings:

Team Name TOT
The Redstarts 7
Sci Fri Sig O’s 8
Team Irwin 8
The Buns 10
The Know-It-Alls 10
Bouyance 17
Fail Whale 17
Nate and the Other People 17
Go Go Go 18
Retrofit 21
Team Ultron 22
Brontosaurus Lives 23
Poly-chlorinated Bi-phenyls 23
She Blinded Me with Science 23
Team Fanelli 23
The mu (mew) anced 23
The The 23
Sci-cry 24
PTL 25
Super Team 25
Truck Nuts 25
Unzip Your Genes 25
Cheese Curds 28
Red Noise 30
Mariana Wenches 31
Guardians of the Algorithim 32
Periodic Table Dancers 32
Spring Migration 32
The Biobusters 32
The Deloreans 32
The Exhibitionists 32
Absolute Zeroes 31
The Platy pi Gang 34
Experts Patrones 36
Mars University 40
Surely You’re Joking 40
“Pro” Teams:
Popular Science 34 37
Scientific American 37
Business Insider 43

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