TrivWorks’ New Trivia/Mixology Experience: A Great Option for On-Site Entertaining party ideas NYC

Earlier this month, TrivWorks announced a brand-new collaboration with cocktail instructors Spice & Spoon: a hybrid trivia/mixology experience for corporate entertainment in New York City!

I am so excited about this new offering, and have been eager to do something like this for quite some time now. I’ve written before about the real benefits of holding a corporate event at the office, however I know that for a variety of reasons this is often considered undesirable: you’re still at work, it’s a sterile environment, you have to bring in food/beverage, the atmosphere sucks and isn’t conducive to a party.

But at the same time, finding a venue can be a real issue when planning a company party or team building game in New York City. How much you have available to spend is the main concern, but you also run into things like availability, capacity, geographic desirability etc. It’s also time-consuming, in that somebody – if not you, than one of your colleagues – needs to identify potential venues, scout them out, negotiate service packages, and administer the rental. It’s a hassle – and, to be perfectly honest, something which has been the deciding factor in the past for clients who have turned us down, in favor of other options which don’t require securing a venue.

But now, we have something truly exciting and compelling to offer for companies seeking an onsite experience. Instead of simply bringing in pizza and a keg to the conference room and declaring it a “party,” companies can now enjoy a fully-customized selection of craft cocktail lessons, led by a professional mixologist, in between rounds of festive full-room trivia. It’s cool, it’s classy, it’s laugh-filled and competitive – and the best part? It comes to you!

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