Introducing: TrivWorks’ Mission Statement trivia company

As 2016 draws to a close, I have been reflecting deeply upon just what it is that I want for the year ahead: for my company, for my clients, for my colleagues, and for me, personally. A huge part of this introspection has been not only visualizing where I want to go, but having a firm and clear understanding of exactly what it is I do, and why I do it.

In other words, TrivWorks needs a mission statement.

When I founded this company in 2009 as a side business, it wasn’t done haphazardly. Rather, I put in a tremendous amount of effort into strategizing, taking a “big picture” view before I produced a single event, or even decided on the company’s name! My goal at the time was clear: to establish a professional brand, servicing private audiences in NYC with a new and compelling niche form of event entertainment and group bonding. I worked hard to achieve that vision, and by 2011 I was able to turn the company into my full-time job (read more here).

Well, that was five years ago, and it’s now time to set new goals. As when I was just starting out, I’ve once again focused extremely hard on the questions: What do I do? Why do I do it? The answer of course is much deeper than simply “trivia events,” and “because they’re fun.” I’ve put a lot of time and thought into it, and am pleased to now share our mission statement, which shall be our guide from this moment forward.

Let’s walk through each portion of the above statement piece by piece:

“Our mission…”

For the past eight years, we’ve been doing what we do, and doing it well – but what, exactly? And to what end? Simply stating that we now in fact have a “mission” is tremendously powerful; it provides us with a sense of duty and purpose, and gives us more to focus on than simply trying to do a good job.

“…is to provide audiences…”

As mentioned above, TrivWorks has from its inception been designed to specifically service private groups; we are not a “bar trivia” or “pub quiz” company, and never have been. Yes, we have produced public events (in fact, we created the largest public trivia night series in New York City at The Bell House in Brooklyn – something we’ve done several times annually since 2011). However, our core competency is and always will be expertise servicing corporate and other private groups, be it company party entertainment, employee team building, client reward, conferences, conventions, meetings, company training, brand engagement, onboarding, fund raising, private parties, or any other similar activity.


When I founded this company in NYC, it was primarily to service local companies which had been affected by the financial crisis, and almost all of our clients were located within the tri-state area. However, this is no longer the case. We produce events nationwide, with a New York-based staff servicing the Eastern portion of the country, and a Southern California-based staff (of which I am now a part) servicing the Western portion. We have serviced clients in almost twenty states so far, a number which is expected to grow significantly in 2017 and beyond!

“…with the most uniquely…”

What we do is distinctive, one-of-a-kind. There is simply no one else offering the breadth and depth of trivia-based experiences as we do, be it our full customization, “Special Talent” emcees such as NY1’s Pat Kiernan, magician Ryan Oakes, comedian Christian Finnegan or theatrical improv company Broadway’s Next Hit Musical, our trivia/karaoke experience or our trivia DJ. What’s more, from this point on there will be even MORE offerings, MORE experiences, and we will be continually updating our capabilities; whereas before we would have had to say “no,” we will now say “yes!”

“…enjoyable, memorable & impactful…”

This is what we aim to deliver for EVERY event, regardless of size, budget, or level of production. If it’s a TrivWorks event, it is GUARANTEED to be fun, and will be fondly remembered long afterwards, with a deep and lasting positive impact.

“…trivia-based shared experiences…”

Our core competency is team trivia. It’s what we specialize in, what we do best, and what we shall continually strive to do better than anyone else.

“…exceeding our clients’ expectations…”

It’s not simply enough to meet our clients’ expectations. As a service organization, our brand reputation relies solely upon how we deliver what we said we would; in order to truly be the best, we must not simply achieve, but in fact go beyond what is expected of us, in order to provide wonderful and “wow” experiences for those who have entrusted our services to them.

“…of service, quality, and professionalism.”

Again, we are above all a service company. I like to think that I already provide my clients with excellent service and a high-quality product, and I only work with exceedingly professional corporate event emcees and producers. However, I know in my heart that I can do more – much more. If TrivWorks clients have enjoyed the level of service and care you have received thus far, just wait to see what’s in store from this moment forward!

I am quite proud of this new mission statement, and what it means for both my company, as well as our clients. I used the word “guide” at the start of this post, and that’s truly what this brief paragraph is intended to do: show us the way. How? By serving as a constant reminder of exactly WHO we are, WHAT we do, and WHY we are doing it. We can always come back to this declaration of intent whenever a decision has to be made. Will whatever is before us help us to achieve our mission? If so, we shall do it! Does it detract from or otherwise not help us on our path towards this stated goal? Well, in that case we won’t do it.

It’s as simple as that.

What this means for TrivWorks clients new and old is, from this point on you will be experiencing something new. Personally, I’m re-committing myself to excellence as never before. The overall experience will be noticeably enhanced, from the moment you first reach out to me with an inquiry, through every step of the planning and production, to the event itself, and even after the event is concluded. I will be even MORE responsive in my communications with you, the trivia shall be even MORE customized for your group, our hosts even MORE professional and entertaining, and your group will enjoy even more laughs and memorable moments!

You will feel that our events are even MORE personalized, your audiences MORE engaged and having even MORE fun than usual, the process even MORE turnkey and effortless than before. TrivWorks truly is going to be THE go-to vendor for corporate trivia events, anywhere in the United States – and from this point forward, we shall be embracing this challenge with vigor, as both an honor and a privilege!

I look forward to working with you in the years ahead, as we embark on this exciting new voyage together. Until then, I wish you and your colleagues a wonderful holiday season, and can’t wait to work with you in 2017 and beyond!

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