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TrivWorks is just wrapping up a busy week of five corporate trivia events all across the country. As I write this, I’ve got one team headed to provide company holiday party entertainment in NYC, and another in Michigan to produce a separate party for a corporate group in Detroit. We had two others earlier this week in Manhattan, and another in Pasadena on Monday.

The amazing part? I’m not at any of them. I’m sitting here at my computer in Los Angeles.

There was a time not too long ago where a day like today would have been impossible. If you had asked me less than two years ago if I could  produce a gig in Manhattan and Michigan on the same day, the answer would have been no. Why? Because I can’t be in more than one place at the same time!

From the day I launched TrivWorks as a side business in 2009, right through taking it full-time in 2012 and for four years thereafter, it was pretty much a one-man operation. I was doing EVERYTHING: sales, marketing, social media, IT, administration, strategic planning…the whole thing.

And of course, I was also emceeing every single event.

There were select times during those years when it wasn’t actually me emceeing, but rather NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan, whom I launched a collaboration with in 2011. Still, I had to be personally onsite at those gigs as well, to serve in a producer role. In the extremely rare circumstances where there were two events scheduled on the same night and no flexibility to change them, I did hire others whom I felt could handle the job, and gave them the less challenging gig of the two to do – but that was only when I was really in a pinch, and had no other choice.

Fast forward to today, and both TrivWorks and I are in vastly different places. I have since relocated to Southern California, and yet business is booming back East and in cities all across the country. Why? Because I have been able to identify phenomenal emcees whom I trust to deliver the TrivWorks experience, without having to physically be at the gigs myself. This represents a huge step forward in the growth of my business, and vastly expands my reach and capabilities to serve audiences nationwide.

It took me a long, long time to identify and recruit the talented and capable emcees who now host events under my brand’s name. I’m picky; I don’t want just anyone. One of the major differences between TrivWorks and other corporate team trivia event suppliers are the hosts. Bar trivia companies are just that: bar trivia companies. They primarily service pubs, restaurants and other public places, entertaining public audiences with casual trivia nights. These events are almost invariably emceed by aspiring young actors, stand-up comedians, or patrons looking to earn a few extra bucks on a weeknight (click here for another article on bar trivia hosts.)

That’s not what I’m looking for in an emcee, and neither are my clients.

When you hire TrivWorks, it’s because you have an audience of employees, executives, interns, loyal customers, prospects, or other serious stakeholders you are seeking to entertain. This group is VERY important, and must be treated as such. Therefore, I only want to put an emcee in front of your audience whom I can trust 100% to deliver a professional, high-quality event – and you can trust as well!

Corporate Entertainment Experience

To be an emcee for my company, you must have enormous corporate event experience. You must have a strong background in getting up in front of professional audiences, either as an emcee, performer, or other interactive entertainer. You must have a proven ability to engage these audiences, to quickly earn their respect, hold their attention, and confidently deliver an extraordinary experience.


Emcees whom I work with must be exceptionally professional both on and off stage. How people conduct and comport themselves says a great deal about the type of person they are. I only want to work with pros: people who do exactly what they say they will, who are organized, who take initiative, display good judgment, and are consistent in all of the above. I want people who are polished and unflinchingly professional in EVERYTHING they do, from how they interact with clients and me, right down to what they choose to wear when performing.

Improv Training

While there are many types of performers out there, I’d be hard-pressed to seek out ONLY those with experience emceeing corporate trivia nights (let’s be honest, there aren’t that many of us). Over the years I have auditioned all sorts: actors, comedians, corporate game show hosts, you name it; however, the one type of performer who consistently displays the skills and abilities needed to host my team trivia events well?


Trained, professional improvisers have shown me time and again that they have the chops to excel in this extremely unique line of work. Not only do they have years of experience in front of audiences – corporate audiences in particular – but they have the sharp reflexes and wit necessary to react in real-time to whatever is going on in the room, such a critical skill to keeping a company trivia event moving. Of all the emcees whom I work with, most have a solid background in professional improv; they bring an energy, enthusiasm and adaptability which I want to see in my hosts.

(Full disclosure: I myself have no professional improv background; I also have no experience in stand-up comedy, acting, or related area. What I DO have is over ten years of experience as a corporate trivia host, with close to 1,000 gigs under my belt. No one else has that – but improvisers DO have the skills needed to deliver this unique form of company event entertainment and team building). 

I Have To Actually Like You

Finally, I seek out people whom I genuinely like, and want to work with. People who I actually enjoy their company, who have a fantastic sense of humor, who are just good folks.

In the end, I am looking for people I can trust; trust to represent both me and my brand which I have worked so hard for so many years to build. That’s no small thing, and something which I take very, very seriously. When you hire TrivWorks to entertain at your corporate event, you are expecting a highly professional, enjoyable event experience; it is my job to ensure that you get an emcee to match.

For another article on corporate trivia night hosting, follow this link.

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