How Do I Plan a Last-Minute Company Holiday Party?

  • Planning a corporate party late is challenging, but not impossible
  • The best corporate entertainers and venues may already be booked
  • Holding your event onsite, DIY holiday party entertainment are great options
  • You could still get lucky with a top vendor who has a cancellation
  • Don’t be afraid to look outside of your geographic area

What are the Basics for Planning a Company Holiday Party?

Any corporate event entertainer will tell you that you must know the date, time, number of participants, budget, and venue you are holding your event before you can begin planning the function. Only after these basics have been covered can you then focus on the other aspects of the event.

Should I Hold my Company Holiday Party Onsite or Offsite?

This will be determined by your budget, physical space, attendee preference, and the type of experience you are seeking. Click here for another article on the merits of both onsite and offsite holiday party entertaining.

What are Some Last-Minute Company Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas?

The best corporate entertainment vendors will have likely booked up long ago, meaning your best bet will likely be a do-it-yourself party entertainment such as TrivWorks DIY. Follow this link to learn more.

Find a Professional Corporate Entertainment Vendor who can Produce Last-Minute Events

The best vendors DO sometimes get last-minute holiday party openings due to late cancellations, so there is a chance you could still book one. You may find one like TrivWorks which services a nationwide audience, so don’t feel like you have to search just within the local market.

Of course, some companies are simply opting not to hold a party at all this year – here’s why.

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