How Do I Make My Own Office Trivia Party?

  • Creating a DIY trivia party isn’t as easy as it looks
  • Planners still need a venue, trivia questions, materials, prizes & equipment
  • Crafting or sourcing material requires time and labor
  • Downloadable trivia questions for office parties are an excellent option want to run my own company trivia night. Where do I begin?

Anyone who has seen the new Fyre Festival documentary knows that running events isn’t as easy as it looks. With trivia parties for the office, it’s no different. You need to start with the basics: determine whether the party will be held onsite or offsite, source your trivia questions, and figure out your materials, equipment and prizes.

Where can I find trivia questions for an office trivia party?

You can write your own trivia questions, however this is VERY time-consuming, and a LOT harder than it looks (follow this link for an article on writing trivia questions for corporate game shows). Likewise, assigning a colleague to write them is taking time away from his/her work duties. A more efficient way is to find downloadable trivia questions for an office party, which have been fact-checked and are ready to go.

What prizes should I have at a company game night?

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time, effort or expense securing prizes for an office event. People are naturally competitive, and just want to “win” rather than take home something shiny and expensive. Your best bet is to get something tangible, that people can proudly display in their workspace to serve as a fun reminder/conversation piece.

What equipment do I need to run a company trivia night?

At the bare minimum, you will need to have an adequate sound projection system with at least one microphone, and a musical device input for atmosphere. You don’t want to be yelling over your colleagues trying to get their attention! Click here for another article on trivia night equipment.

I want to download trivia questions and materials for an office party. Where can I find this?

Being able to download everything you need to run a company trivia night from one source is ideal. A product like TrivWorks DIY makes this as easy as possible, providing you with contemporary, professionally-written trivia, fun format options, and an easy-to-follow hosting guide which allows anyone to run the show. Learn more here.

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