Which Game Show Team Building Activities Are the Most Effective?

  • Live TV game shows for corporate events are popular and entertaining
  • However, they do not lend themselves to group bonding
  • Effective game show team building activities must engage the ENTIRE audience
  • Custom-built, professionally-produced events help teams form long-term bonds

game.show.team.building.jpgCan live adaptations of TV game shows be effective team building events?

While popular TV game show formats are obviously well-known, they don’t translate well into team building events. This is because there are usually only a few people onstage who “play,” while the rest of those in attendance are part of the “studio audience” watching the fun. To be effective, game show team building must engage EVERYBODY, not just a select few. Here’s another article on effective team building activities.

What are the best team building game shows?

Any type of competition which is interactive, collaborative, and promotes teamwork can be an effective group bonding activity. In the case of game shows, team trivia contests for corporate events are highly valuable and impactful solutions. Click here to learn more.

What are examples of live game shows which involve an entire audience?

Depending upon how large your audience is, you can opt for either a professionally-emceed corporate team trivia contest, a downloadable app capable of real-time answer submission, or even a combination of the two. Follow this link for a related article.

What are the benefits of using corporate game shows for team building?

When done properly, engaging and entire audience in a spirited competition which is appropriate and custom-designed can not only produce a fantastic shared experience, but allow both small groups and the entire room as a whole to feel connected, establish bonds, and build camaraderie which will be felt back at the workplace.

For further reading, go to https://trivworks.com/2018/06/trivia-team-building-vendor/

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