Creating a Virtual Trivia Night: Do’s & Don’ts

  • Virtual trivia nights are a great way to engage remote teams
  • Creating virtual gaming events for corporate requires a host, materials and platform
  • Not all Zoom game show hosts are created equal
  • There are affordable options for virtual trivia parties for companies


How Do I Create a Virtual Trivia Night for My Company?

Once you’ve decided you want a virtual trivia game for remote workers, you need to approach it like you would any other live event. Who will be invited? How many will be there? When should it be held? Which platform should be used? Of course, you also need to answer the obvious question: who is going to host this, and using what kind of format/material?

I Need a Vendor to Host a Virtual Trivia Night – Where Can I Find One?

You will likely find a wide variety of emcees to host a virtual game show. This will range from your local pub quiz host, to your nephew in the 8th grade, right up to professional corporate trivia night vendors like TrivWorks. The real question, then, is really: what kind of experience do I want?

Where Can I Find Someone to Host a Zoom Trivia Game Show?

Particularly if for a corporate audience, you want someone who will represent both you and your company well. To that end, you need someone who can be trusted to be clean & professional, with the experience and expertise to lead and online company event well. Follow this link for more.

Where Can I Find Questions for a Virtual Company Trivia Night?

The material you use for your online game should be clean, challenging and fun. It should also be relevant and appropriate to your expected audience, not just demographically but according to their interest. You can either write your own material, or source it from a professional trivia supplier like TrivWorks, who can also provide an emcee.

Looking for Inexpensive Virtual Trivia Games for a Company – What Are My Options?

As with anything else, you get what you pay for. You can hire an inexperienced host using Trivial Pursuit cards and save a ton of money, but is that really how you want to represent yourself to your colleagues? Considering who will be in attendance, it’s worth it to spend a little more to get a professional-quality service from a vendor like TrivWorks, and not have to worry about it not going well (and given the situation we’re all in with the COVID-19 pandemic, we promise to work within your budget!) Click here for more virtual game night resources.

Learn more about corporate trivia for remote workers by contacting TrivWorks today!

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