Corporate Entertainment Southern California

Corporate Entertainment Southern California

Do you want to reward hard-working staff with a fun, interactive & laugh-filled event?

Are you seeking a uniquely fun and engaging way to provide dedicated clients with an enjoyable experience, to show your appreciation for their loyalty?

Are you hunting for an energizing means for pumping up a diverse group at an upcoming conference, convention, meeting, or holiday party?

Are you in need of a fresh new method for welcoming new hires, merging departments, or integrating part-time staff/interns into your company?

Meet TrivWorks!

Utilizing a fully-customized team trivia competition for corporate event entertainment guarantees that the experience will be highly interactive, social, full of laughs from start to finish, and replete with memorable moments. Perfect for groups as small as 15 to as large as 1,500+, a high-energy game show-style trivia party is guaranteed to keep everyone in attendance enthused, excited, and fully-engaged from beginning to end!

We will kick off our preparations for your event with a comprehensive customization meeting, in order to tailor the experience to your distinct group of attendees, as well as your specific goals. We shall then research/write original customized trivia questions unique to your function, to ensure that EVERYONE is participating and having an absolute blast!

We will then work with you on how to break your group down into smaller teams, to make sure that your attendees make the most out of this special opportunity to get to know one another well.


We shall then provide counsel on selecting a venue, either onsite or offsite, to make certain that the environment is well-suited for your group of expected attendees to have a highly enjoyable experience. Once finalized, we shall provide advance liaison directly to coordinate technical and logistical elements of the trivia contest.

Our team of dedicated graders shall distribute pens and answer packets branded with your company’s logo to each group of players, after which our experienced corporate event emcee or “Special Talent” host will announce multiple rounds of enjoyable, fully-customized trivia. Teams shall have a brief chance to collaborate among themselves before choosing the correct answer to write down, with the opportunity to earn points for funny incorrect answers as well!

In between each round of full-room trivia, our staff will collect & grade answer sheets, while our host invites two volunteers from your group to participate in a thrilling head-to-head trivia “mini-game” in front of the entire room! One completed, we shall announce the previous round’s answers, the cumulative scores, and move on to the next round.

The event culminates with either an onstage awards ceremony for the entire winning team, or with the top two teams participating in a high-stakes, game show-style “showdown” grand finale to determine which team will be crowned the ultimate winner, and take home the prize!

Since 2009, TrivWorks trivia parties have been among the most sought-after corporate event entertainment offerings on the East Coast, and are now available to companies of all types on the West Coast as well! Regardless of your industry or attendees, whether you are seeking something formal or casual, our events are proven to be competitive, appropriately challenging, full of laughs, and will create a tremendously positive shared experience for EVERY person who participates!

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TrivWorks offers uniquely fun, laugh-filled trivia contests to corporate audiences in SoCal, as well as all along the Pacific Coast and surrounding states! Read the press release to learn about our office in Long Beach, CA.