Pat Kiernan: NYC’s Premier Trivia Night Host, New York City – here we are again!

Tonight is the second edition of “Why We Love NYC – A Pop Culture Trivia Night Celebrating the World’s Greatest City”, which we added after our January 25th event sold out.

Tonight’s trivia event, featuring all new trivia questions, is sold out as well. Once again, we will be testing attendees’ knowledge of the people, places, events and media which make NYC great, as well as giving out “quintessential NYC experiences” as prizes. We are returning to our incredible host venue, The Bell House in Brooklyn, and will once more have a few surprises in store.

But most importantly, Pat Kiernan will be hosting again.

Most New Yorkers know Pat as NY1’s longtime morning news anchor. Every weekday for the past 15 years, approximately 1 million people who live and work in the New York City area wake up to Pat’s cheery & sharp-witted reporting of the news of the day, tuning in for his signature deadpan humor and his extraordinarily popular “In The Papers” segment – which, in 2009, he spun off into Pat’s Papers, a daily online collection of intriguing, offbeat national and international news stories.

As a beloved New York City newsman, Pat has also enjoyed a great deal of success playing himself in both TV and film, including “The Interpreter”, “Night at the Museum” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, as well as the forthcoming disaster movie “4:44 Last Day on Earth.” His cool professionalism and charming on-air personality have also garnered the attention of national news outlets such as Live! With Kelly, which Pat will be guest co-hosting next week.

In addition to being one of New York City’s most treasured media personalities, Pat is also a veteran TV game show host. Programs he has hosted include “Studio 7” and “Grand Slam,” yet you most likely remember his time as the host of VH1’s “The World Series of Pop Culture,” which aired nationally for two seasons.

About a year ago, in an effort to tap into the energy & enthusiasm he saw contestants engage in on TV game shows in a “live” setting, Pat formed an alliance with TrivWorks to be our “Special Host” for corporate entertainment and employee team building activities in NYC and beyond. Following  a sold-out trivia fund raiser last June for VH1 Save The Music Foundation, however, we realized that there was also a demand for premium, professionally-produced trivia events in NYC not just for our private clients, but for public audiences as well.

Which led to an interesting experiment.

Pub quiz events have really exploded in recent years – especially bar trivia nights in Brooklyn, a borough known for young, smart residents who love both drinking and showing off their knowledge. Most trivia nights are extremely casual, free to play, and award a modest prize to the winning team, usually a bar tab – after all, the entire idea is to encourage patrons to visit the establishment, usually on an “off” night, and stick around for a while drinking while they’re at it (pub quiz night were also how I got my start in the trivia business in the first place). how passionate New Yorkers are for live trivia, our question was this: in addition to our corporate events, might there be an audience of NYC trivia enthusiasts who would be interested in a slightly more “high-end” trivia night – one that is professionally planned and produced at a major performance venue, features truly amazing prizes, and is hosted by a distinguished New York City media personality and bona fide game show host?

That was the reason why we produced our first “Why We Love NYC” trivia night last month, and given the tremendous response we had seen thus far, the answer is a most decidedly “yes!”

Tonight marks our third sold-out trivia night at The Bell House, meaning that almost 1,000 people will have experienced our special public trivia nights with Pat Kiernan at the helm. If you are planning to attend this evening, you can look forward to Pat combining all of his experience and expertise hosting TV game shows with the charm and wit that NY1 viewers have grown to love, to produce the most entertaining, high-energy and rewarding trivia contest New York City has to offer!

Have fun – we’ll see you there!

If you have any questions about how tonight’s trivia event will run, please contact us via Twitter @TrivWorks, or feel free to Email me directly, If you plan to tweet about the event, or to follow the action from home, we will be using our official #WeLoveNYC Twitter hashtag (and if you were not able to secure tickets this time, however, don’t worry – it’s safe to assume that we will be doing this again sometime in the future…!)

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