Benefits of Trivia for Your Team

Why is a trivia event so powerful for team building?  What are the benefits of trivia for your team?  Casual work events that include trivia are powerful team building opportunities.  Not only does your team get to know each other, they build problem solving skills and a cohesive team identity within a fun setting.  Consider how these benefits would impact your team?

  • Enhanced Problem Solving:  Every team faces challenges and opportunities for improvement in the course of daily activities, right?  How does your team handle these challenges?  Solving trivia questions together allows your team to practice the collaboration and communication skills they need to work effectively together on obstacles at work.  They learn to listen to opinions, debate options, and make decisions as a group, all in a fun and low pressure setting.
  • Enhanced Relationships:  Does your team really know each other?  Are there a few new members that just don’t seem to fit in?  How well do you know your team?  Trivia events provide a relaxed social setting that builds relationships.  You will laugh together, compete together, and get to know each other without the structure and focus of the work setting.
  • Team Spirit:  There’s nothing like friendly competition to build team spirit.  At TrivWorks trivia events, your team will compete against one another in a friendly way.  Competition sometimes gets pretty intense, and all this energy translates into a cohesive team spirit by the end of the event.  Can your office handle all this energy?  Why not find out?

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  1. kyle johnson on May 12, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    We have been put in charge of the games this year for our family reunion. It was interesting to learn that trivia can help you to improve relationships between people. This is our first year being in charge of games so hopefully we get asked to be in charge of it again the next family reunion.

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