Build Trust by Spending Time with Your Team

Want to make your team stronger and more creative?  Spend time with them.  Getting to know your employees in a casual setting leads to enhanced employee productivity, loyalty and creativity.  Why?  People work better when they feel included and valued.  People work more creativity when they trust the people they work with.

Trust opens the doors to creativity in your team.  It takes risk to express creative ideas and opinions.  In the traditional corporate culture, employees simply may not take the risk of creativity and may instead deal with problems in proven and more traditional ways.  Simply put, without trust your team may not work up to their potential.

Trust is built through interaction.  Hanging out with your team is one of the fastest ways to build trusting relationships.  When they see you laughing and having fun they see you as a person instead of a title on the organizational chart.  You become a facilitator and a friend rather than a boss.  The result is increased loyalty and productivity.

Hanging out with your team lets everyone relax and be themselves.  You will see your employees in a new way.  You may even notice skills and abilities outside of their role in your organization.  Certainly you will understand their motivations and they will get a glimpse at yours.

Not sure how to hang out successfully with your team?  Consider a trivia event from TrivWorks.  We host trivia nights at clubs in the metro area and also provide company events where you and your team can interact, laugh, and get to know each other better.  Contact us today for more information.  (855) 874-8967

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