Communication is the Key to Team Collaboration

Technology has made it increasingly convenient for people to work from a distance.  Flexible work situations, virtual teams, remote offices, and telecommuting are all a part of the modern work situation.  Yet, business is about finding creative solutions to complex problems – and this is best accomplished through collaboration.  So, how can you build a collaborative team in spite of the distance?  The key is effective communication.

Virtual teams sometimes suffer from a lack of visual cues and the communication delays created by technology.  Email conversation is subject to misinterpretation.  Teleconferences can lack the immediate feedback of face to face conversation.  As a manager, it’s important to overcome these obstacles for your team.

Consider using video conferencing whenever possible.  Let people interact visually as well as audibly.  Consider also creating an online forum for chat communication rather than email.  This eliminates the delays and can create a more open dialogue.  Make it your goal to encourage open communication among all members of the team.

Collaborative communication is built in shared experience.  Even virtual teams benefit from social interaction and friendly conversation.  If your team can’t get together to attend a social or team building event, allow extra time in your team’s schedule for social interaction virtually.  Friendly banter at the beginning and end of a conference call, shared pictures and personal information over a message board or social media site, and celebration of personal achievements and life events can build relationships on your team.

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