The Future of the Workplace – Virtual Teams

Are you ready to manage a virtual team?  Like it or not, virtual teams are a growing trend in today’s business environment, and the trend is likely to continue.  Employees love the flexibility to work on a variable schedule in coffee shops or a home office.  Employers enjoy the enhanced productivity and integration of employees around the globe into one project.  Yet creating a cohesive and productive virtual team requires a new style of management.

Clear and Effective Communication

Workers on virtual teams are, by definition, distant from one another.  The distance creates communication challenges that may not be apparent on the surface.  Without the benefit of a combined physical work experience and the casual communication opportunities this type of environment provides, your team may have difficulty forming professional relationships.

You can bridge the gap with clear instructions, concise written communication, and virtual meetings with a little social interaction time.  Where possible, use technology that allows a visual component to meetings.  Letting your team interact visually as well as through messages and phone conversations is a great way to help them build collaborative relationships.

Interact Frequently

Managers in a traditional workplace interact with their teams daily.  It is much easier, in a virtual team, to go days without communication.  While you may stop by someone’s workspace or meet at the coffee pot without a compelling reason to speak, communication in a virtual environment is often much more limited.

Be intentional about communicating with every member of your team at regular intervals.  Make sure they know you are interested in their progress, their work experience, and their needs.  Staying connected is the best way to keep everyone engaged and avoid the “lone ranger” syndrome in your group.

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