5 Useful Tips for Planning Christmas Party Entertainment in NYC

Christmas party entertainment NYC

Fall is here, and with it comes preparations for the annual office holiday party. New York City is unique in that we have so many options here for entertaining staff – however, for the person or people tasked with making the annual office fest happen, it can still be a daunting task.

Whether for a small group or large, huge budget or miniscule, when planning Christmas party entertainment in NYC, keep the following things in mind:

1. Book Your Venue Early – Holiday season is a big deal in the Big Apple, and with so many companies here you can bet that the best spots are in high demand during the peak party times of November/December. If you are having your function off-site, you’d be well-advised to secure your space ASAP.

2. Solicit Staff Input – The holiday party is ultimately about rewarding hard-working employees. To ensure you are planning a function which is most appropriate to the corporate culture and interests of the attendees, ask them directly what they are expecting, and what kind of event they would like.

3. Make it Fun – Regardless of the kind of business you are in or the year you’ve had, there is no reason for having an office holiday party which isn’t fun. Define that any way you will – however, just make sure you have a healthy dose of joy, entertainment, laughter and cheer throughout the event.

4. Learn from the Past – What has gone well at company Christmas parties past? What hasn’t? If you are new at the office or the role of party planner, ask around before getting underway.

5. Don’t Let Money Get in the Way of a Great Party – Times are still tough for many companies, and it’s harder than ever to stretch the dollar when it comes to staff entertainment. Be creative if Christmas party funds are limited; if you can’t afford a full meal, how about wine & dessert? Renting a restaurant & hiring a DJ too expensive? Bring food and an iPod in. Just make sure you do SOMETHING to say “thank you” to your people, and they will appreciate it.

Office Christmas parties in NYC can be amazing if done right, and are such a wonderful opportunity for the company to recognize and reward the efforts of their staff. However, for those not used to planning parties or who already have a ton on their plates, the weight of the responsibility can be overwhelming.

Hopefully, the above list helps relieve the pressure a bit!

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