25 Crucial Things to Confirm Before Your Upcoming Event

event.planner.checklist.pngEvent planner checklist

Planning events is stressful. Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone who has been assigned the task of planning a corporate entertainment outing, getting ready for an upcoming event can be an anxiety-inducing process, filled with endless details, things to do, and fires to put out.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about planning events, however, is when you take the time and effort to make the necessary arrangements, but then fail to confirm – resulting in disaster (something I’ve learned the hard way in 10+ years of event planning). Here is a useful checklist of the most important things to confirm in the weeks, days and hours before your upcoming function:

  1. Venue
  2. Staffing
  3. Event Start Time/Curfew
  4. Load-In/Out Times
  5. Sound/Tech Run-Through Times
  6. Food/Beverage Delivery
  7. Signage
  8. Printed Materials/Collateral
  9. Speaker Participation
  10. Vendor Arrival/Setup Times
  11. Transportation/Parking
  12. Wifi Access
  13. Attendance
  14. Capacity
  15. Attire
  16. Press Attendance (if Expected)
  17. Master Event Schedule
  18. Security
  19. VIP Arrangements
  20. Seating Assignments
  21. Contact Info for Key Participants
  22. On-Site Merchandising/Selling
  23. Surprise Appearances/Performances
  24. Awards/Gifts/Parting Favors
  25. Special Requests for Speakers/Talent/Attendees

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