What Makes TrivWorks Different from Other Trivia Companies?

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I’ve avoided writing posts like this, since I prefer to use this blog for publishing useful tips on New York City employee team building activities, corporate event entertainment in NYC and public trivia event announcements/updates. However, as trivia continues to grow in popularity and specialized trivia companies spring up to service the need, a recent spate of inquiries has revealed that there is a need to clarify just what TrivWorks is, what we do – and what we don’t do:

Corporate Events – First and foremost, TrivWorks specializes in live customized trivia events in New York City and beyond for corporate groups. I’ve been a professional event planner/producer for 15 years, and founded this company in 2009 not out of a passion for trivia or to expand upon the bar trivia nights I was hosting at the time, but out of a desire to offer a unique and effective new means of rewarding staff, loyal clients and brand enthusiasts impacted by the global financial crisis. I am proud to say we are the only such trivia company in NYC (and I’m willing to bet anywhere) established explicitly for this reason.

Public Events – While we DO offer a select number of public events throughout the year – namely our Bell House series, which are actually the largest trivia nights in New York City – TrivWorks’ core mission, experience and expertise lies in corporate entertainment, team building and brand engagement. This is the exact opposite of most trivia companies, which service primarily bars, pubs and restaurants with turnkey hosts, questions and promotions – and yes, they also just happen to be available for corporate/private events.

Hosts – Whereas most bar trivia companies in NYC and elsewhere fill their hosting ranks by seeking virtually anybody up to the task – many advertise on Craig’s List and other places looking for “fun-loving actors, comedians and other outgoing people” who want to earn $50 bucks a night – at TrivWorks, we pride ourselves on only working with extremely experienced professional trivia hosts in New York City and elsewhere, including our “Special Hosts” Pat Kiernan, Marc Summers, Christian Finnegan and Ryan Oakes, each of whom has enormous credibility, corporate emcee and entertainment experience.

Cheese Factor – Bells, buzzers, lights, props, sparkly blazers; if this is what you’re looking for, than TrivWorks isn’t for you. Our corporate events are designed not to be a show/spectacle, but to create a proven positive bonding experience for your group, where they will get to know each other extremely well in a short period of time. While there are indeed trivia companies out there that will deliver a “game show” feel, this isn’t something we specialize in.

There are plenty of other ways in which TrivWorks is different from other trivia companies – capability, credibility, price – however, these are the ones which most readily come to mind when people inquire as to who we are and what we do/don’t do.

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