Why Comedian Christian Finnegan is Such a Great Corporate Trivia Event Host

NYC.corporate.event.entertainer.Christian.Finnegan.jpgNYC corporate event entertainer Christian Finnegan

Earlier this year, I wrote a dedicated blog post about Pat Kiernan, the longtime NY1 morning news anchor, who since 2011 has also hosted the largest public trivia nights in New York City as a TrivWorks “Special Host.” It’s now time to turn the spotlight on another one of the special-talent emcees whom we have the privilege of working with: comedian Christian Finnegan.

Perhaps one of the best-known, most-recognizable faces on the New York standup scene, Christian is, quite, simply, the Real Deal. In a city with no shortage of comics, he has managed to stand out through an incredible work ethic, a highly professional demeanor and, of course, just an endless amount of comedic talent. I first discovered Christian for myself about six or seven years ago, when my wife (then-girlfriend) Sarah took me to a performance of Moonwork, an “underground” comedy show featuring a variety of great performers. Christian took the stage immediately after a surprise appearance by mega-star Jim Gaffigan – however, I have to say it really was Finnegan who captured my attention the most. I loved his easy, engaging style, extremely smart material, and he just seemed to be a really cool guy.

Fast forward a few years to 2012, and Pat Kiernan and I were producing a benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief at The Bell House, home to our public events. We had quickly sold the event out at 300, and in addition to a raucous night of team quizzing, we thought it would be fun to bring in a professional comedian to warm up the crowd. I instantly thought of Christian, and reached out to him with an invitation. He got right back to me, enthusiastic to be a part of it – it turns out he is also a total trivia nut, regularly attending pub quiz nights in Queens with his wife (and QED Astoria founder) Kambri Crews, and actually winning a CAR as a contestant on a TV game show!

I met Christian for the first time that night, and he was a complete hit – true to my suspicions, he was great guy as well.

A couple of years go by, and I’m asked to produce a trivia night at a performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – and the host would be none other than Christian Finnegan! Though he had never actually hosted a trivia event himself, he was a complete natural, leaving the audience rolling from laughter and giving them just an amazing time. He and I had a drink afterwards, and I learned that in addition to his prolific standup and TV schedule, he also has a tremendous amount of corporate experience under his belt. I floated the idea of him and me working together, and in 2014, announced Mr. Finnegan as our newest host.

It’s been almost two years since kicking off our special collaboration, and I have to say, the response to Christian’s hosting our events has been even greater than I could have imagined. Why? Here are some of the things which make him perfect for this unique line of work:

He’s Hilarious! – First things first, the guy is just a master at his craft. He is beyond funny – he’s an absolute riot. I’m truly not exaggerating when I say that every event we have done together, he’s had the audience in tears, doubled over with belly laughs, right out of the starting gate and lasting until the very end. If nothing else, this unique form of employee team building and group event entertainment in New York City has to be interlaced with humor, and after doing this day in/day out at the highest levels for literally decades, Christian delivers.

He’s Recognizable – Christian isn’t just known to audiences here in the Big Apple; for over a decade, he’s been known to a national audience as well though constant appearances on VH1 (Best Week Ever, I Love the 2000s), Comedy Central (Chappelle’s Show, Comedy Central Presents: Christian Finnegan), The Today Show, his own Netflix special, The Fun Part, and even has a new TV show coming out later this year. In addition to bringing the laughs, audiences are treated to a memorable shot of celebrity “buzz” just by having him in the room – which they LOVE!

He’s a Professional – As mentioned, there are a lot of funny comics out there – however, one of the big reasons I enjoy working with Christian in particular is that he is a 100% pro. He’s got SO much stage experience in front of diverse audiences, I feel absolutely at ease having him represent me and my company, because he can be trusted implicitly in front of anybody; he knows what to say and what not to say, and exactly how to say it, so that EVERYONE in the room is having a blast, and nobody is inadvertently made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or in any way ill at ease. Any group of hard-working staff, loyal clients, or even “big bosses” are assured to have a great experience if Christian is on the mic, which will reflect positively on whomever organized the event (as I’ve been told afterwards by many an event organizer!)

My Wife Approves – Sarah finally met Christian for the first time last weekend, when she attended one of our gigs together. She’s a straight shooter, and she’d tell me otherwise if he wasn’t a hit. “I LOVE him..!” were her exact words. Can’t really top that!

For me personally, it’s an unbelievable honor to collaborate with someone as well-regarded, well-respected, and well-known in his field as Christian. When attendees and event organizers come up to me afterwards telling me he delivered the greatest company event they’ve ever attended, that he’d far exceed their expectations and left everyone beaming, well – you can only imagine how great that makes me feel. He’s an absolute joy to work with, a fantastic guy all-around and, quite frankly, an easy sell – because I can guarantee without hesitation he’ll create an unbelievably fun and memorable experience for any room.

If you’re seeking a positive shared experience which your group will be talking about long afterwards, look no further than a TrivWorks party hosted by Christian Finnegan! Follow this link for more information: www.trivworks.com/corporate-entertainment

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