TrivWorks Goes West – Getting Psyched for Our California Expansion This Summer!

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It’s an incredibly exciting time here at TrivWorks – as recently announced, we will be bringing our services to the West Coast starting in July, opening a new office to deliver trivia team building activities in Southern California!

This expansion is a natural progression of the electrifying growth our company has seen over the past two years. Starting in 2014, we greatly broadened our offerings by partnering with a diverse group of “special talent” hosts, to further enhance and differentiate our team trivia experience for new and existing clients alike. Building upon the success of our hosting collaboration with Pat Kiernan – the beloved NY1 anchor and veteran TV game show host – we announced several other alliances, to truly provide a breadth of group entertainment activities unlike anything else out there!

We started producing events emceed by Christian Finnegan, perhaps one of the most-recognizable standup comics working the NYC club circuit today. Known to a national audience as well from over a decade of appearances on VH1 and Comedy Central, not to mention his own comedy special on Netflix, Christian has hosted events for our corporate audiences throughout the Big Apple and the tri-state area. He is not only hilariously funny, but LOVES trivia – audiences have absolutely raved after his events, enjoying not just a raucous team trivia contest, but an evening full of belly laughs and a genuine celebrity “buzz” throughout the room as well!

We then partnered with Ryan Oakes, one of the most sought-after corporate event magicians there is. Dubbed “the hottest magician working today” by Forbes, Ryan is just unreal – which is no surprise, given he’s been doing this professionally for twenty years. Our collaborative events are genuinely like nothing else audiences have ever seen: a competitive team trivia event, mixed with mind-blowing magic, illusions and mentalism, to create a positive shared experience like absolutely nothing else!

We’ve also recently partnered with improve musical comedy troupe Broadway’s Next Hit Musical, to deliver something even more unique for corporate groups: a fully-customized trivia/awards show, featuring spontaneous songs performed on the spot using audience title suggestions! Instead of just one host, groups get an entire troupe of master improvisers to test everyone’s knowledge, as well as wow them with long-form imrov that’s catered to the specific group in attendance.

More recently, we’ve announced our new TrivWorks Express turnkey party package. Designed for planners with limited time and budgets to pull their functions together – or perhaps for informal events not requiring a full-blown production – we can now deliver a ready-to-go, out of the box event entertainment for groups of all sizes, which requires virtually zero commitment of time beforehand, and can accommodate to limited budgets!

I’d be remiss if I left out another offering we rolled out late last year, which is near and dear to my heart: our new trivia/karaoke experience, which combines everything groups love about quiz night, AND karaoke night, all in one! We can bring everything needed to create a rollicking karaoke party, to get everyone involved, hyped up, and of course having a blast!

This all of course brings me back to our move West. Also over the past two years, I’ve seen a significant increase in the request for our services outside of the Northeast, where our client base has traditionally been located. I keep getting asked, “when are you coming to California?” Well, the time has now come – and we’re on our way!

I admit, it’s a little bit scary.

Truth be told, I’ve never lived anywhere else besides the East coast. I was born in Manhattan, moved with my family up to Connecticut when I was a toddler, went to college in Boston, and then came back to New York, where I’ve been living/working for almost fifteen years. My entire life, I’ve only known places with four distinct seasons, where there’s great pizza, where houses have basements, where tenants pay the brokers’ fee, and where the beaches aren’t as impressive as the ones in the movies. My wife is from California, so I’ve had many chances to get out there and get a feel for the place – but now, I’m actually MOVING there, and it’s so exciting!

It’s crazy for me to think that I’m actually moving out there – beyond my wife and kids, this company has been my ENTIRE LIFE for nearly five years, when I left the security and stability of full-time employment to try and “make it” on my own. It’s what I live and breathe, how I earn my living, and what my entire professional reputation is built upon. How, I ask myself, could I possibly leave the East coast operations in the hands of others?

Fortunately – and I really mean this, since I wouldn’t up and move clear across the country unless I felt it to be true – things are in exquisite shape here. I’m unbelievably proud of the NYC-based team we’ve assembled, made up of first-rate corporate event emcees, experienced comedians, producers and grading staff, whom I absolutely trust to deliver the high-quality experiences TrivWorks clients have come to expect since I started this company in 2009. What’s more, our “special talent” hosts mentioned above are not only as highly skilled and professional as they come, but are also available for events NATIONALLY!

I also have to remind myself that airplanes exist; I can be back in New York – or anywhere, really – in a matter of hours, should my presence be needed for any reason, be it to set up or even host an event.

For now though, I am getting more excited by the day of moving West, and of setting up this incredibly unique, fun, hilarious and compelling form of corporate event entertainment in Long Beach, California, as well as introducing it to the entire West Coast and beyond. I’ll be writing much more about this here on the blog in the weeks and months ahead, and welcome your thoughts in the comments section below!

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