Introducing TrivWorks Express – A Turnkey Trivia Party Package for NYC Corporate Groups! corporate entertainment NYC

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you TrivWorks Express – our newest offering for corporate event entertainment in New York City!

TrivWorks Express is a turnkey service package, specifically geared towards office party planners with limited time and/or budgets. Delivering the extremely fun, laugh-filled group bonding experience TrivWorks is known for, we are now offering a “party in a box” so to speak, to make our services even more flexible, accessible and accommodating for clients old and new, large and small!

Since its founding in 2009, TrivWorks has been positioned as a premium brand; we strive to deliver an extremely high-quality product, professionally produced and executed, with exceptional service at every step of the way. However, providing such hands-on service requires a great deal of time and resources on our end, and as such, our event aren’t cheap – as with anything else, when it comes to NYC office entertainment ideas, you get what you pay for. While I have been honored and privileged to work with many prestigious clients over the years, I regularly receive inquiries from party planners who wish to utilize our services, but whose budgetary realities make this a challenge. I also hear from people who seek to create something “basic,” informal, or with lightning-fast turnaround, who simply don’t have the time or resources necessary for us to create the fully-customized events emceed by our special-talent hosts which our reputation is built upon.

It is for these reasons, and with this under-served customer in mind, that TrivWorks Express was created. To supplement our full-service offerings, we are now providing clients with the option of a turnkey, ready-to-go trivia event – one which requires minimal planning/effort on your end, and can be done on a tight budget! The package includes the following:

  • A hilariously funny & professional comedian/event host to emcee your corporate trivia party
  • An hour and a half of awesome pop culture trivia selected from our database of relevant questions, including TV/movies, current events, music, celebrity news and more, tailored for your expected audience
  • Up to five full-room trivia rounds
  • Up to three of our special 1-on-1 “mini game” rounds
  • A concise Email customization questionnaire prior to the event
  • A runner/grader to keep the event moving swiftly and efficiently
  • All materials needed to run the event, including answer packets, pens, and small prizes
  • Recommendation on venues, based on years of producing trivia nights in the 5 boroughs

There are a lot of things that I love about this new service package, which I think many office party planners will be excited about as well. First of all, it’s intended to be easy – as in, no brainer easy. After arranging your venue – be it onsite or offsite – you book your event with us, fill out the questionnaire, and that’s it. Done! We handle the rest – all your group needs to do is show up ready to have a great time, and a full 90 minutes of raucous, hilariously interactive entertainment will be waiting for you.

Due to the ready-to-go nature of these events, we’re also able to offer them on a last-minute basis, pending our availability. Because we’ll be drawing questions from our trivia “vault,” we don’t need to commit the time to researching/writing original ones like we do with our premium events. This is a big plus for those who have been tasked with throwing together an employee or client event on the fly, and are in dire need of a quality activity – and fast!

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this new package, however, is of course pricing. We want this to be an affordable option for those who can’t otherwise bring TrivWorks on-board for their events, and with this new configuration of services, we can now do just that. By limiting our services, we can justify a significant discount; TrivWorks Express is the perfect solution for entertaining on a tight budget.

Are there things which our full-service clients get, that TrivWorks Express clients will miss out on? Alas, the flip side of a basic preset package provided at a reduced cost means we won’t be able to put in the energy to doing several things that we typically do. Whereas we usually go to great lengths to highly personalize each event based on the specific attendees and goals following a comprehensive customization meeting, with this new package, we will be sticking to the fundamentals: questions selected from our existing trove based on your audience’s age range, male/female ratio, other basic demographic info, etc. via simple questionnaire. We also won’t be providing ongoing counsel like we otherwise would, on everything from team size/breakdown to reviewing and revising the trivia in advance. While we can speak with the venue beforehand to let them know our tech needs, we won’t be able conduct any advance site visits. And yes, I am afraid that our “Special Hosts” – NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan, comedian Christian Finnegan, magician Ryan Oakes, Double Dare’s Marc Summers and musical improv comedy troupe Broadway’s Next Hit Musical – will not be coming to host your event.

However, I don’t think this is an issue – and here’s why. Not every event needs to be done all-out. Folks seeking this sort of activity are aiming to keep it “casual” anyway, and you WILL still get to enjoy the following:

  • Our years of expertise in planning/producing trivia events for corporate groups in NYC
  • Our database of fun and timely pop culture trivia questions
  • Our proven format of delivering a fast-paced, social competition
  • An extremely fun & interactive experience for EVERYONE in attendance, which is guaranteed to be filled with laughs from beginning to end

For now, TrivWorks Express is only available to companies in the Big Apple and surrounding areas; however, should we see an increase in demand for this sort of thing, we can absolutely explore bringing it to other metro areas, or even nationally like we do for our full-service events!

This new offering is available NOW, and we look forward to bringing our highly unique and enjoyable form of workplace entertainment to your group today!

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