How Do I Plan a Corporate Trivia Event in Orange County, CA?

  • OC is home to many “pub quiz” companies
  • However, not a lot of vendors specialize in corporate game shows
  • Find the vendor with the most experience/flexible format options
  • Hotels are ideal for hosting Orange County corporate trivia nights do I find corporate trivia vendors in Orange County, California?

As with anywhere else, when it comes to team trivia events for corporate groups in Southern California, you are bound to find plenty of “pub quiz” companies, as well as one-stop shopping vendors who offer corporate game shows, plus about 500 other activities – none of them particularly well. The first step is to locate a vendor who specializes exclusively in trivia for company events. Follow this link to learn more.

Find OC game show vendors who know what they’re doing

Once you’ve narrowed your search, you need to find a vendor who meets your exact event needs. Ideally, the vendor will offer a range of team trivia formats, hosts and experiences, allowing you to choose the right one for YOUR group and agenda (this is particularly important, seeing how there’s so much to do in OC).

Can my Orange County, CA conference trivia night be held onsite at the hotel?

Assuming your group isn’t overwhelmingly large, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t hold your conference game show event onsite at the hotel, either indoors in a meeting room/ballroom, or outdoors. For more information, click here.

How do I find a professional emcee to lead my company trivia night in Orange County?

Fortunately, OC is located just South of one of the world’s great entertainment centers. Vendors such as TrivWorks are just a stone’s throw away, and can provide you access to the country’s most-experienced trivia hosts for corporate events you will find anywhere else.

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