Best Practices for Online Virtual Trivia with Remote Teams

  • There is a right and wrong way to create a virtual trivia event
  • Determine whether you want to create it yourself or hire professionals
  • Zoom is the best platform, but may not be possible for your company
  • The right number of people and time of day will optimize the experience

Online.Virtual.Trivia.Remote.Teams.jpgHow Do I Create a Virtual Trivia Event for Remote Workers?

You must decide whether you are looking to produce an event yourself, or to bring on a professional trivia vendor to create your event. While the former is definitely cheaper, it’s not necessarily easier; crafting questions and hosting online trivia nights isn’t as easy as it sounds!

How Many People Should Participate in a Virtual Trivia Event?

Like any event, you are seeking for attendees to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Generally speaking, fewer people makes more interactions between participants possible – however, since it’s a shared experience, anyone who participates can theoretically recount the event after the fact with any other person who was there as well. Learn more.

Which Virtual Meeting Platform Works Best for Online Trivia Games?

Each platform has its own ups and downs. If your company uses a certain platform, than either by familiarity or mandate (your company’s security protocols might limit which platforms you can use), you may need to stick with what you’ve been using. That said, Zoom is a great platform for hosting virtual trivia events, as it is widely employed, extremely easy to use, and has features such as “breakout rooms” which naturally lend themselves to collaborative virtual team building. Click here for more.

What Time of Day is Best for a Virtual Game Show?

You want to plan your event in a way that maximizes audience participation. Formally or informally poll your prospective attendees, to find out what time(s) are best, keeping in mind that remote workers may be logging in from different time zones. In the end, you want as many people to participate as possible, for as long as possible. This varies from group to group, so don’t feel like you can only have the event in the evening, or it can’t happen!

How Long Should a Virtual Trivia Night Last?

Shorter than you expect. Whereas a live, in-person team trivia event can last for up to two hours, peoples’ attention spans online are far shorter, and there are way more interruptions (kids, etc.) which make committing to a long event unrealistic. Best practices for virtual team building game shows are to aim for about an hour, but if it winds up going longer, that’s fine so long as attendees are happy and enjoying themselves. Follow this link for additional information

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