Do Your Events Actually Build Teams?

What happens in your office after a team building event?  Is it business as usual, back to the same old issues or do you see improvement?  Team building events should result in stronger workplace relationships, improved communication and stronger teams.  If they don’t, you’ve simply hosted an event.

Team building events can be a powerful way of bringing everyone together.  Leaving the stress of the office behind and enjoying an entertaining event can improve everyone’s productivity and help resolve conflict.  What’s the difference between a powerful team building event and a simple “fun day” with no real benefit?  Success is found in proper planning.

The best team building events start with analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the team.  Questions like these can help you identify your team’s issues and design your event to address them.

  • Are conflicts between some individuals creating divisions on the team?
  • Does poor communication limit the team’s success?
  • Are there new, unfamiliar members on the team?  Does the team need to get to know one another so they can work well together?
  • Do some team members, or the group as a whole, need a morale boost?

Once you’ve identified the issues your team faces, you can set improvement goals and successfully plan an event around those goals.  Knowing what you want to accomplish will help your team get the most benefit from your event.  They will carry these benefits back to the office and reward you with enhanced productivity and a stronger, more functional team.

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