Flexibility Unlocks Productivity in Your Team

An increasingly competitive business climate presents challenges for companies, no matter what their size.  As a leader, you need enhanced productivity from your team.  At the same time, shrinking budgets places a limit on your ability to hire and retain the best people.  Your employees are asked to work harder and work smarter and partner with you to conserve financial resources.  What if there was an easy way to unlock productivity?

Businesses need to increase productivity.  At the same time, today’s workforce is looking for the freedom to balance careers with the needs of family and friends.  Flexibility is the answer for everyone.  How does flexibility benefit your organization?

It’s incredibly difficult to be productive, especially in creative positions, with constant interruptions.  Yet the average desk bound employee is interrupted at least once every 20 minutes or so.  These interruptions significantly lower productivity because they disrupt focus and creativity and cause distractions throughout the workday.

Consider giving your team the flexibility to work outside the office for some portion of the work week.  Allowing your most creative staff the flexibility to be focused and productive without interruption will improve not only the quantity of work completed, but improve the quality of that work as well.

Flexible options such as varying work schedules, telecommuting, and even virtual work-from-home positions are very attractive to top employees and will allow you to attract the best candidates to your company.  With careful management, you can build a cohesive team and still maintain the flexibility of a virtual environment.  Team building events are crucial to this effort.  Schedule events that get everyone involved and allow interaction between your in house and virtual teams.

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